The Bell 407 has exceptionally smooth flight characteristics and the power to transport up to four passengers and light luggage. Every flight is crewed with two highly-experienced pilots. The club-seating arrangement ensures excellent visibility for all on board complete with leather seating, climate control, BOSE active noise-canceling headsets and stereo systems.

Range: 250 Miles
Top Speed: 125 MPH
4 Passengers
Climate Control
Noise-Canceling Headsets

The Bell 407 is an ideal aircraft for off-airport landings and surveying property due to its high maneuverability. With the permission of the property owner and after a safety review, this helicopter can land on grass fields & concrete or asphalt surfaces in addition to thousands of heliports and airports on the East Coast.

With a 2-hour nonstop range, destinations are closer than ever with the ability to land off-airport or on heliports. Our most popular route is D.C. to New York City – GrandView Aviation is DASSP Approved, allowing us to depart from DCA, Reagan National Airport.

Sample flight times:
Washington D.C. to NYC 1 hour 38 mins (Wall Street Heliport)
Baltimore, MD to Ocean City, MD 48 mins
BWI Airport to St. Michael’s, MD 19 mins (Inn at Perry Cabin)
Annapolis, MD to Atlantic City, NJ 54 mins (Steel Pier Heliport)

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