Pier 7 Heliport is a public-use, private heliport located on the waterfront of Baltimore City.

Michael R. Scotch

Operating Procedures

Hours of operation are: 09:00 - 17:00 Monday through Saturday. Unattended on Sundays (Call Out Available, Fee applies)


Please call Baltimore Marine Center to schedule arrivals at (410) 675-8888

After hours (443) 677-8904 Dan or (443) 463-2379 Dave


UNICOM : 123.025

Pilot Controlled Lighting 123.05 (5 Clicks H & Perimeter Lights, 7 Clicks Flood lights)

Weather Observation: 123.025 (3 Clicks)


FAA Identifier: 4MD

Address: 1800 South Clinton St., Baltimore, MD 21224

Latitude: 39° 16.20' N

Longitude: 76° 34.14' W


Operating and Noise Abatement Procedures


  • No over flights of neighborhoods (Canton, Highlandtown) directly north of heliport. All arrivals and departures from/to north shall pass east of these areas.
  • All approaches/departures shall terminate/commence at the "H" at end of pier.
  • No flight operations in the area between the floating pier which forms the southern boundary of property and the fixed pier as this is an active boat movement area.
  • All hover taxi operations shall be conducted on north side of pier only.
  • Spots #3, #4, #5, and #6 are designated for parking. Fuel is available at all spots. Spot #1 and #2 are parking for based tenant.


Schedule of Charges

Landing & parking fees (up to 1 hour) waived with fuel purchase of 50 gallons or more.




Single Engine Landing $75

Single Engine Parking Per Hour $25

Twin Engine Landing $100

Twin Engine Parking Per Hour $50


Overnight Parking or After Hours Fuel Service: $200 (7pm-9am Weekdays, 4pm-9am Weekends)


Please call Baltimore Marine Center to schedule arrivals at (410) 675-8888




Jet A Fuel Prices as of: 7/10/2016


Jet A Fuel: $4.44


Volume discounts available. DoD: We match most government contract pricing, call to inquire.

Pier 7 Heliport is an approved DCA Gateway Airport

For flights info DCA, please email info at FlyGV.com for procedures and information.

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