The GrandView Aviation guide to jet charters in Pennsylvania.

Phenom 300 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania features a number of large airports and vast remote areas well served by helicopters.


Philadelphia International Airport provides excellent access to the downtown Philly but for travelers looking for door-to-door service, a heliport is located on the river downtown as well (Penn's Landing, P72).


For international arrivals into the state, we recommend PHL or PIT airports. There are additional airports with international service:  For a full list of US Customs Airports, click here.


Our clients favorite Pennsylvania Airports:


PHL - Philadelphia, PA



PNE - Northeast Philadelphia



PIT - Pittsburgh, PA



PA88 - Nemacolin Resort Airport


THV - York, PA


MDT - Harrisburg, PA



LNS - Lancaster, PA


P72 - Philadelphia Heliport, Penn's Landing



ABE - Allentown, PA



ERI - Erie, PA



AGC - Pittsburgh, PA


AVP -Wilkes-Barre, PA



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