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Private Jet Charters to Antigua & Barbuda


The only drawback of vacationing in Antigua and Barbuda would be the series of connecting flights and ferries—but of course, that is all alleviated with a private jet charter! GrandView Aviation flies premium business jet charters to Antigua and Barbuda with upscale service from start to finish.

Based out of the Baltimore and Washington area airports, we fly direct private jets to St. John’s, Antigua, and other executive airports on and around the islands. We own our jets and employ a dedicated, highly trained staff. With GrandView Aviation, you can enjoy private jet travel as it should be.

To inquire about pricing for a private jet charter to Antigua and Barbuda, please call us at 800-609-8159 or request a quote online.

Executive Jet Charters to Antigua & Barbuda

Known for miles of unspoiled beaches, the verdant Half Moon Bay, and exciting dining and shopping options, Antigua and Barbuda are always among the most popular Caribbean destinations. When traveling to a serene escape, it only makes sense to choose the finest travel accommodations to get there.

GrandView Aviation flies private jet charters from the Mid-Atlantic region to V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU) in St. John’s, which opened new facilities in 2015 and features an executive lounge. For direct service to Barbuda, you can choose the Barbuda Codrington Airport (BBQ) or the Coco Point Lodge Airstrip.

Benefits of Private Jet Charters with GrandView Aviation

We cater to our clientele with 24-hour scheduling, personalized service, and exceptional in-flight features. Our super light jet, the Phenom 300, has an award-winning design. GrandView Aviation elevates your private jet charter experience with top-of-the-line flight services.

All of our charter jet flights to Antigua and Barbuda come with:

  • Fully reclining seats
  • Fast Wi-Fi, power outlets, and a satellite phone
  • Complimentary snacks and alcohol
  • Gourmet catering options
  • Generous luggage capacity
  • An enclosed lavatory
  • 2,000-mile range and 500-mph top speed
  • Lower cabin pressure for high oxygen and greater comfort

When you choose to fly with GrandView Aviation, you can begin our Antigua and Barbuda vacation as soon as you board.

To learn more about our Phenom 300 jet or to become an Altitude member, reach out to us online!

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Unbeatable Antigua & Barbuda Private Jet Services

GrandView Aviation outperforms the competition with the highest safety ratings, reliable performance, and quality service from each member of our crew. We’ll get to know you and remember your preferences for the next time you fly with us.

You’ll love your time in the air, but we know that you want your vacation to begin as soon as possible. Flying smoothly at a cruising speed of over 500 mph, GrandView Aviation gets you there hours faster than the alternatives.

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Our Phenom 300 fleet has a robust 2,000-mile range, enabling you to fly our luxury business jets to Antigua and Barbuda or other Caribbean islands.

To book an executive jet to Antigua and Barbuda or to request a quote, please call 800-609-8159 or contact us online.



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