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Private Jet Membership Programs

At GrandView Aviation, we're committed to providing you with a safe, reliable private jet experience with a quick turnaround time. We fly on-demand nationwide, and we are ready to fly at any hour of the day. We'll keep you comfortable and cared for no matter where you are. You don't need a private jet card membership to fly with GrandView, but with rewards this good — and the free Altitude Miles Program tier — why not become a member today?

GrandView Aviation offers two jet card membership rewards programs. You can earn rewards every time you fly with our Altitudes Miles Program and the Altitude Plus Miles Program. Earn points for every mile you fly and free catering when you sign up for the Altitudes Miles Program today. 

Please contact us to learn more about our private jet memberships, or Apply for a Free Membership Here today. 

private jet membership programs


Benefits of the Altitude Miles Program

Our Altitude Miles Program is a free rewards program that can give you significant advantages when you fly. With the Altitude Miles Program, you'll receive rewards for flight credits and catering. You'll also have the opportunity to schedule and cancel your private jet flights flexibly. Our flexible cancellation policy allows all of your flight cancellation fees to be credited to your account for future use. Note that one-way empty leg flights are excluded.

Considering its lack of membership fees, there's no reason not to join the Altitude Miles Program. Join today and start earning points towards flights and catering.

Ready to sign up for a private jet membership? Get started today.


Benefits of the Altitude Plus Miles Program

With the Altitude Plus Miles Program, you'll pay $150,000 for an automatic 10% discount on all flights, even if just one member is on board. Plus, for our 70 most popular routes, you’ll receive ADDITIONAL savings of up to 15%. As you fly, you'll earn rewards for catering, flight credits and other perks. With the Altitude Plus Miles Program, you'll also have flexible cancellations where the flight's cost will be credited to your account. Plus, for every flight day when you fly with GrandView, you'll receive a $200 catering credit.

Sign up today and learn how the Altitude Plus Miles Program is one of America's best private jet memberships.

private jet membership programs


Luxury Charters

You don't need to sign up for an Altitude Miles Program to access luxurious amenities from GrandView Aviation. Each of our luxury charters includes:

Fly virtually anywhere, anytime: You gain access to convenient, 24-hour flights without the cost of owning and maintaining a private jet.

Save time: Our services save you hours of valuable time. Arrive mere minutes before your flight, board immediately, and take off promptly.

Travel last minute: There’s nothing worse than struggling to find transportation for a last-minute meeting. We’ve got you covered. Schedule your travel without any penalties, and rest assured that your plane will be there when you show up at the tarmac.

Skip shopping for quotes: Tired of market-driven price fluctuations? Simply tell us where you want to go and when you want to leave, and we’ll offer a flat-rate quote. Pay once, and you’re done.

Consistency: If you become a repeat client, GrandView Aviation will learn your preferences and heighten your service experience accordingly.

Privacy: Whether you prefer to relax or be productive, a private flight is the best option. Stretch out and enjoy a glass of wine, or use our high-speed internet and satellite phone to get work done — all with maximum privacy and comfort.

Impressive return on investment: It may seem like a private jet membership costs more money, but if you fly frequently for big business meetings, the investment can offer a healthy ROI.

Delicious dining: Complimentary food and drinks and in-flight catering are available when you need something a bit more substantial than peanuts. You can also enjoy complimentary snacks and alcoholic beverages on every flight.

Lavish interior: Fully reclining leather seats, wood tables for food or laptops, and plush carpeting allow you to fly at the peak of comfort no matter what your destination is. There’s plenty of legroom, and swivel seating makes it easy to carry on a conversation wherever you are.

Luxury amenities: Take advantage of unlimited free Wi-Fi on every flight to help you maximize productivity while you’re in the air. Additionally, each flight offers power outlets and satellite phone service to keep you connected no matter where you are in the world.


With GrandView Aviation, you'll fly in a spacious cabin with ample legroom and a private bathroom for you and your guests. Relax a little and unwind with our complimentary food and drinks or stay productive on your way to your business meeting. No matter what accommodations you require, GrandView Aviation can fulfill them and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

With the Altitude Mile Program club, you'll be able to fly 24 hours a day no matter how short the notice. Our fast service never leaves you waiting in lines, and you'll be able to board your flight as soon as you arrive at the airport. 

Why More Businesses Are Flying Private

Fly in Luxury With GrandView Aviation

When you choose GrandView Aviation, you'll always have access to fast, comfortable flights at a moment's notice. Apply Now or call to apply!

GrandView Aviation offers two types of memberships, each with a range of benefits to our customers. Our premium membership programs include discounts and premium catering credits:


Free to join!

Phenomenal Benefits: Earn miles as you fly and redeem for catering, flight credits, and more
Flexible Cancellation Policy: All flight cancellation fees credited to account for future use (oneway empty leg flights are excluded)
Member-Exclusive emails and Oneway/Empty Leg Specials

Prepay $150,000 for a 10% discount on Flight Charges

Phenomenal Benefits: Earn miles as you fly and redeem for catering, flight credits, and more
10% Discount on Flight Charges when Member is on flight (including family members or member company employees)
Flexible Cancellation Policy: All flight cancellation fees credited to account for future use (oneway empty leg flights are excluded)
$200 Catering Credit Per Day: Receive a $200 credit per flight day when catering is ordered
Member-Exclusive emails and Oneway/Empty Leg Specials


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