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In a post-pandemic world, flying privately is both a luxury and a necessity. By flying privately, you’re allowing yourself to conveniently go to almost anywhere in the U.S. while still keeping your peace of mind. You’re also exposed to fewer people, and there are fewer “high touch” areas to keep clean, meaning airplane staff can focus on sanitizing every inch.

Why should you fly private for your summer travels? Here’s a look at some of the benefits and just a few of the places you can go.

Why You Should Fly Private This Summer

Flying with GrandView Aviation means you’re dedicating yourself to a reliable, efficient and safe flight with a team that’s ready to go at any point of the day. When you choose a GrandView Aviation jet, you get much more than a flight — you get an experience you’ll never forget.The advantages of choosing a private jet charter for traveling are plentiful. Some of those benefits include:

  • Pet-friendly flying and free onboard Wi-Fi.
  • A luxurious interior with comfortable seating.
  • A high level of safety.
  • Curated gourmet catering and 24/7 support.
When you fly privately, you also don’t have to go through security or use airport parking. You can control your schedule more, too, specifying exactly when you’d like to depart.
Private flights even generally allow you to bring more luggage aboard, as well as bulkier items that a commercial flight might not allow, like golf clubs or ski gear.

Private Jet Summer Destinations

Whether you’re flying with your family and friends, your business or on your own, GrandView Aviation wants to help you travel to the best places this summer. Consider checking out some of these locations for your 2021 summer travel.

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Take Me to the Caribbean

Traveling to the Caribbean is such a unique experience, and it's a widely popular tourist destination. What you can expect to do depends on which part you're visiting. Some islands, like Jamaica and Dominique, boast famous rainforests, while places like Antigua have fantastic beaches. The best times to visit are right after the hurricane season, around December until April.

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Take Me to the Beach

From Boston to Barbados, there are many one-of-a-kind beach destinations to choose from when you're looking to enjoy some sand and surf. Whether you're planning on vacationing with extended family or taking a trip with your large company, private jet travel gives you many more beach destination options than the airlines. Remember to do some research into the locale so you can pack for the weather and see the best of what the area has to offer.

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Take Me to the Mountains

If you prefer traveling to colder regions, plan a trip to the mountains for skiing, tubing or simply exploring the lodges and shopping. Each ski region is unique in its own right and will provide you with plenty of hills and evening campfires. Even if you're an inexperienced skier or snowboarder, most ski locations offer lessons. You'll also want to make sure you have the proper gear. Many resorts offer rentals, but bringing your own equipment will ensure it fits your exact specifications. When you're flying with GrandView Aviation, we have plenty of baggage space for you and your guests to bring everything you need, including your skis and extra socks, coats and pants.

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Take Me to the Pacific Northwest

The beauty and views of the Pacific Northwest are some of the best in the world, which makes it a great camping spot for many tourists. Skiing, hiking and backpacking trips are all experiences that change with the seasons, so you should determine well in advance what you want to do while you're there and plan your vacation time accordingly. Summer is a great time to go hiking, visit the coast or take a trip through wine country. This area is so large and beautiful that planning around one situation isn't going to cut it. Each state piques different interests, so it's best to examine each state closely. Whether you're going to Washington, Oregon or Idaho, it's best to be prepared and pack the essentials for cold and rainy days, like a raincoat and thermal layers.

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