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Popular Pacific Northwest Summer Vacations

pacific northwest vacations

The Pacific Northwest is home to countless beautiful landscapes, gorgeous hideaways, luxurious hotels and cabins. With such perfectly splendid destinations as Crater Lake in Oregon to the San Juan Islands in Washington, the Pacific Northwest has the most popular summer vacation destinations. 

From beaches that take your breath away to the historical trails and forests around much of the Pacific Northwest destinations, you will create memories for years to come. This area is no stranger to entertaining nightlife either. Whatever you're searching for, you're sure to find it on a Pacific Northwest vacation. Discover some of the top destinations of the area below.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake offers many amenities and activities, ranging from hiking and nature parks to outdoor activities such as boating. Crater Lake resorts will cater to you when you are ready to wind down in the evening and enjoy beautiful sunsets with a rich, aged glass of wine. Scenery such as the Phantom Ship Island and Crater Lake itself bestow feelings of excitement and adventure during the entire stay. 

The lodgings of Crater Lake are fantastic places to sit down close to a fire or in a comfortable chair and relax from the day's activities. Alluring hikes such as the Pinnacles Overlook and Sun Notch trails will fill your days with exploration and enjoyable experiences. History enthusiasts will enjoy the Klamath Native American culture around the beautiful locations in this popular Pacific Northwest summer vacation destination. 

The art you will see during the outings around Crater Lake will fill your days with wonder, from museums and theaters to rural art throughout. Witness musical triumphs in local parks or high-end theaters and bear witness to piano playing while exploring the area. For the historical love visiting the Favell Museum is a must. There are over 100,000 artifacts to peruse during your visit there.

San Juan Islands, Washington

The ocean all around you, islands of remarkable history and culture and boating expeditions for whale watching are just a few relaxing avenues you will go down during your stay in the San Juan Islands. The friendly locals and the beautiful scenery will put you at ease and let the definition of the word "vacation" become surreal. 

The island's beaches are a mixture of sandy, pebbly and rocky shorelines dappled with driftwood and kelp. Traverse the various landscapes and see what coastal creatures you can find or simply enjoy the views.

The whale watching tours are known worldwide and go back over 20 years. The San Juan Islands provide various special whale-watching tours. A classic tour takes families on the water with indoor heated cabins and booth seating. Another outing is the adventure tour on a smaller boat exposed to the weather, so they provide weather suits to keep you unaffected by the weather at hand. 

After participating in some of the worldly experiences this Pacific Northwest vacation destination has to offer, it's time to head to an oceanic restaurant for a meal. TOPS'L Sushi and Seafood is your location for a delicious meal to recollect your adventures in and around the ocean. 


north cascades national park

North Cascades National Park, Washington

The North Cascades National Park is an excellent place to camp, hike and enjoy the wilderness around you. Note that bears are a common sighting, so you will want to keep your food and gear safe. Inside this Pacific Northwest summer vacation destination are beautiful hikes that lend your eyes to stunning scenery. Maple Pass Loop is a hike that everyone who visits the North Cascades must see. When done counter-clockwise, the view on the trek is mesmerizing. 

The Diablo Dam is another adventure you will not want to miss. At one point, the 389-foot dam stood as the world's tallest at its spot by the Skagit River. The gorgeous scenery all around the dam and throughout the walk on the trail is something you can't leave without seeing. The turquoise color of the water of Diablo lake is a rare sight indeed, so bring your camera and prepare to take a lot of photos! 

While there are no particular restaurants that shine above the rest when visiting the North Cascades National Park, the ones around serve meals dedicated to rejuvenating your body after a long day of hiking, boating, fishing and other activities. 

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, has a plethora of activities to enrich any Pacific Northwest summer vacation. There is something for everyone here, ranging from hiking, biking and water sports to tours and sightseeing. Private tours and even custom tours exist for a truly personal experience — you can "bend" what you do on your visit to your will. 

Some intimate outings include a helicopter excursion over Bend, Oregon, and the Lava Lands, the rings of fire and even Bigfoot and Sasquatch adventures! These personal outings are around 30-60 minutes and provide the ultimate viewing experience for the avid thrill-seeker. 

The adventures in Bend, Oregon, never stop. This area has amazing water adventures like whitewater boating and a sport fishery on thDeschutes River. The cuisine in Bend, Oregon, is top-rated with a wide variety of choices to blend into your daily needs. 

The McKay Cottage Restaurant is a must-visit during your stay. Not only is it in a historic building from 1916, but the food there is some of the best you will taste while visiting. Not to mention, the breweries in Oregon brew the most famous beers than anywhere else in the world. Make sure to stop by some of your favorite breweries and take advantage of being in the epicenter of the beer world.

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