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Best Luxurious Family Beach Vacations

best luxurious family beach vacations

Decompressing and relaxing are more important than ever nowadays. But where can you find a five-star atmosphere while keeping your vacation within the U.S? This guide will help you pick from some of the best and most luxurious beach locations that offer fun for the whole family. These beach destinations offer you the quality care you deserve and the calming ambiance of the rolling waves to carry all your worries out to sea. Sit back and relax as we tour some of the most luxurious and popular family beach vacation spots America has to offer.

Destin, Florida

When you think of a luxurious beach trip here within the beautiful United States, Florida is probably one of the first places that come to mind. With vibrant spots like Miami and the Key West, it's no surprise that Florida's beaches are a popular tourist destination.

But believe it or not, Destin, Florida is second to none when it comes to vacation spots in the Sunshine State. Destin is the perfect place for a family looking for excitement, as there is no shortage of activities for both adults and children. Located right by the Gulf of Mexico, the crystal-clear ocean water and the white sandy beaches of Destin, Florida can entice anyone. It's a majestic visual experience that you surely don't want to miss. 

If you're looking for accommodations, look no further than a beautiful beachfront resort like The Henderson. Located right by the water, The Henderson boasts a variety of activities, such as paddleboarding, kayaking, artist galleries, golfing and more. There are even kids clubs and family-crafting events so you can spend time bonding with the whole family. Whether you're looking to embark on your next great adventure or spend your days relaxing in the sun, Destin, Florida is the perfect place to let all your troubles float away. 

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Not far from Florida's popular beaches, Kiawah Island, South Carolina offers an equally attractive beach vacation destination. South Carolina's Myrtle Beach has built up a great reputation with tourists, but South Carolina has more than a few hidden gems that make for unforgettable, sunny vacations. Kiawah Island is the perfect place to find a comfortable, relaxing vacation far away from the hustle and bustle of other popular tourist destinations located in the state.

Kiawah Island is located right off the coast of South Carolina, giving you complete access to a calm, private atmosphere and many exemplary beaches. If you love the outdoors, Kiawah Island prides itself on world-class golf courses, kayaking, biking, hiking trails and more, not to mention all the fun to be had on the beach shore. 

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort offers a variety of packages for golf, tennis and their renowned spa experience. Dining at the resort is also luxurious, offering a variety of delicious cuisines that will make you feel like you're traveling the world. No matter what you're in the mood for, dining at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort can satisfy all of your cravings. 

If you are looking for a more private luxury experience for your whole family, look no further than Kiawah Island, where rest and relaxation are a way of life.

Lake Oconee, Georgia

The southeastern United States has more world-class luxury vacation spots than you may realize, and Lake Oconee is no exception. Lake Oconee is perfect for any family that enjoys the thrill of the outdoors. The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee holds a beauty like no other, with stunning landmarks and a plethora of activities for families looking to unwind and spend an unforgettable time together. 

The new Ritz Kids Clubhouse is perfect for parents looking to take a breather and truly unwind amongst the resort's many amenities. The clubhouse will keep your children entertained with engaging summertime activities over the course of your entire stay. This option gives parents time to check out the other stunning amenities the resort has tailored especially for you, such as their golf course or exceptionally large spa. 

Some other popular activities include tennis, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and hiking through the Georgia woodlands. At the end of your long day, there are also a variety of dining options to choose from, all of which come with exceptional, highly reviewed services. 

Getting away to Lake Oconee is the perfect opportunity for the family-bonding and personal healing experience you have been looking for. The experts at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee will take care of your every need.

best luxurious family beach vacations

Montecito, California

Another can't-miss, luxurious beach vacation spot is Montecito, California, located on the beautiful West Coast of the United States. Like many of the other locations mentioned above, California is also known for its beautiful beach spots. With the sun shining bright year-round and all of the amenities this location has to offer, it doesn't come as a surprise that Montecito has found its way on this list.

Vacationing in Montecito brings with it an air of elegance that is hard to replicate in other U.S. locations The Rosewood Miramar Beach resort offers a stunning variety of luxurious amenities for its guests, making it one of the best family beach vacation spots on the west coast. If you love fresh air, the surrounding area offers many outdoor activities, such as hiking through the mountains of Montecito to take in breathtaking views or heading to the beach to catch refreshing and exhilarating waves.

Rosewood Miramar Beach also offers a variety of special amenities for its guests, such as a lush, tailored spa experience and extravagant dining options that can delight any palate. If you're looking to feel right at home with special care designed for your rest and relaxation, Rosewood Miramar Beach is the right choice for you.

best luxurious family beach vacations

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