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Private Jet Membership in San Diego

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Does travel feel like a chore you have to endure to get to the places you want to go? If you fly more than a handful of times a year, then a private jet membership will change the way you travel for the rest of your life. GrandView Aviation’s private jet memberships make traveling fun again by immersing you in comfort and luxury from the moment you board the plane until the time you reach your destination. Our members receive exclusive benefits and can customize their travel experience to suit their needs for every journey.

Our private jet memberships are available to travelers throughout the San Diego area. Our membership provides clients with convenient access to charter flights via our fleet of Phenom 300 series executive-class business jets. Each of the aircraft in our fleet is outfitted with the latest safety and navigation equipment, comfortable cabins and lavatories, unlimited Wi-Fi, and refreshments of your choosing.

Contact GrandView Aviation at 800-609-8159 to discover how a private jet membership in San Diego can change your travel experiences for the better, forever.

Making the Most of Your Private Jet Membership

Our private jet membership program does more than just get you where you need to go. At GrandView Aviation, our members enjoy many advantages that make it easy to travel anywhere in the world. Our members enjoy:

  • Discounts on charter flights
  • Convenient and reliable car services
  • Exclusive catering options with credits for each flight
  • One-way/empty-leg jet specials

Membership Levels

Our members can choose from three membership options. Each option allows members to tailor their travel experience for maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Altitude –The Altitude membership is free to join and features flexible cancellation policies, with cancellation fees credited to the account on all but one-way/empty-leg journeys. Members receive a $100 catering credit per day and exclusive access to one-way/empty-leg opportunities.
  • Summit –Summit membership fees are $7,500 per year. Summit members receive 5% discounts on charges when the member is present on the journey. Members also enjoy a flexible cancellation policy and a $200 per day catering credit. The membership also provides a 5% discount on car services booked with ZBest Worldwide, in addition to exclusive access to one-way/empty-leg flights.
  • Grand Summit –Our most exclusive membership level, Grand Summit, is available to clients who spend more than $150,000 per year with our company. Grand Summit members enjoy all the benefits of Summit membership in addition to an 8% discount on car services booked with ZBest Worldwide.

Contact GrandView Aviation at (800) 609-8159 to learn more about the private jet memberships we offer. It’s our pleasure to help you choose the right membership for your travel comfort.

Why GrandView Aviation is the Nation’s Premier Jet Charter Service

Our clients are executives, celebrities, public officials, and others who don’t have time to wait around for departure. Whether traveling from San Diego for vacation or for business, our team makes sure that you reach your destination rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Our flight crews are available 24 hours a day, which means you can schedule your departure and arrival to meet your needs. We travel to destinations throughout the world. With a range of more than 2,000 miles and a 500-mph cruising speed, our Phenom 300 jets transport you as quickly as possible while you enjoy luxurious seating for up to eight passengers, satellite phones, unlimited Wi-Fi, gourmet catering, and the services of our highly trained staff.

Find out what it’s like to fly the super light jet that outperforms the competition. GrandView Aviation offers charter flights throughout the country, including roundtrip, one-way, and multi-leg trips. Give us a call today at (800) 609-8159 to learn more!



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