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Our Customers

At GrandView Aviation, nothing is more important than the safety, happiness, and satisfaction of our clients. We are here to serve you with a smooth booking process and exceptional in-flight amenities. If you’re ready to try the private jet experience, we are happy to cater to your needs.

Contact us today at 800-609-8159 to learn more about booking a charter flight for your upcoming business or leisure trip.

Who We Serve


While any company may choose to charter a private jet, some of the most common business professionals who fly with us include government agents, private security contractors, and Fortune 500 company CEOs. Still, as the private aviation industry evolves, charter flights are becoming increasingly accessible to smaller and smaller businesses.

Whether you’re flying alone, alongside fellow executives, or with clients, expect our crew to cater to your every whim. You control everything—from the date and time of departure to the food and drinks served during your flight—for a travel experience that’s second to none.

Individuals & Families

Many people are under the impression that private flights are reserved for business travel. However, personal use customers, including individuals and families traveling for pleasure, can also benefit from private air travel. Whether you’re headed to a big family event or going on an adventure vacation, you can make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion by booking a private flight.

Your family is guaranteed to sit together, and you’ll have plenty of space to relax and have fun during your few hours together in the air. You also gain access to better refreshments and personalized catering. If you or someone in your family has severe food allergies, this is great for your peace of mind.

In addition to enhanced comfort and convenience, private jets also boast an incredible safety record. At GrandView Aviation, we are proud of our safety record, with 10+ years accident- and incident-free. We’ve received the National Business Aviation Association’s Commercial Business Flying Safety Award every year since 2003. Plus, we hold impressive safety ratings from the aviation industry’s top associations.

To enjoy air travel like never before, contact GrandView Aviation and book a private flight today.

Client Testimonals

Grandview provides next-level client service and experience. Yes, you have amazing equipment in your fleet of Phenoms, but it’s your personnel and your corporate policy of staying in constant communication with the client before, during and after a trip that makes you a cut above the competition. And no detail is too small to be overlooked! We have been flying private for close to a quarter century now with your close competitors/partners and have never experienced the level of white glove service and hand holding that Grandview provides.

Penelope D.

We will definitely be using GV again very soon 😊

Matt Frick

Aviation Operations Manager, AVMIN Air Charter

“Wow, what a spectacular flight! The crew was terrific, the aircraft clean, perfect for the three of us, and our dog! The working lav is a huge plus. The charter provider we flew before was fine, but their aircraft were all ‘80s or ‘90s vintage, not as clean, and the lavs were definitely not as nice as the one on the Phenom 300. We’re very glad we decided to go with Grandview Aviation. All the best!”


Bradley S.

“Thanks – Everything for the flight worked out beautifully and both pilots were awesome!

Devin M.

"Thanks so much for a wonderful flight experience. We were extremely pleased with the entire experience: booking, customer service, communication, planes and flight crews. We will be using you again in the future.”

The L Family

“I have been working with Grandview for roughly 6 years now and it has been a pleasure to watch them grow. They have what I am looking for — Nice young aircraft, open communication and great service. Since I do not own any aircraft as a broker, it’s necessary that I align myself with companies that I trust and can form a long term relationship with.”

Garrett G.


“Flight crew and ground help were fantastic. Pilots Joann and Mark were first rate, so helpful with the pets and very welcoming.”

Teri M.

“Great trip the pilot was very very helpful and courteous. Everything went perfect.”

Trip D.

“Extremely happy with my first flight with GrandView. First of many.”

Dr. S.

“Awesome trip. Thank you everyone!”

Mark B.

“Great staff and customer service. Would highly recommend.”

Maria P.

“Thank you – Fantastic flight, great crew, excellent sales team. Could not have been a better experience, thank you all!” 

Sue G.

When to Fly Private

When it comes to luxury and convenience, there’s simply no comparison between commercial airlines and private jets. Consider these situations when it’s best to fly private:

  • You want quick travel options: When time is of the essence, private travel wins every time. Your car pulls up, and five minutes later, your plane is ready for takeoff. There’s no check-in, no security line, and no waiting at the gate to board the plane.
  • You have a strict schedule: Don’t cater to the whims of commercial airlines. With flights available 24/7, private jets work around your schedule, not the other way around.
  • You’re flying with a group of business executives: If the alternative is to book several first-class tickets for a big business meeting, your company could benefit from chartering a private plane. The time savings alone could justify the cost difference. Then, the added productivity that comes from being able to work together on the flight could be the clincher.
  • You have a multi-stop itinerary: Save time, skip hotel stays, and avoid extra meal costs by traveling to multiple destinations in a short period on a private plane.
  • You need to fly a route that commercial airlines don’t offer: Whether you want to visit a tropical island like Barbados or travel from New York to a small town on the other side of the country, you may struggle to find a commercial flight to meet your needs. A private jet puts you in control of where you go and when you get there.

Are you ready for an exceptional air travel experience? Contact GrandView Aviation at 800-609-8159 today to find out how to book a flight.



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