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5 Corporate Retreat Destinations

corporate retreat

Camaraderie and engagement among your employees are essential for company success. A strong team environment can cause increased efficiency and enthusiasm, boosting your business's productivity. But remote work structures and industry stressors can make it more challenging to maintain team-based surroundings.

One way to boost your team's relationship is with a corporate retreat. These events allow workers to convene in exciting locations and engage in team-building exercises. Employees can relax with their coworkers and develop stronger bonds, leading to a more unified team. With so many corporate retreat locations to choose from, you can build a customized event that matches members' preferences.

What Are Corporate Retreats?

Corporate retreats are events where company employees gather for relaxation and team-building activities. Retreats can last days, weeks or extended durations and encourage different departments to join for a central purpose. In many cases, employers schedule these events in exciting locations outside of the company office. They might choose beach resorts, bustling cities or private mountain getaways.

Company retreats are popular with employers and employees. Their benefits include:

  • Team-building opportunities: Retreats let workers interact with one another away from the office. The new location often helps employees engage more freely and develop closer relationships. In addition, many events feature exercises and opportunities that can bring employees closer, like playing icebreaker games, sharing meals or completing problem-solving activities.
  • Reduction in employee burnout: A retreat gives workers a change in scenery and an opportunity to relax. They can combat feelings of burnout from workloads or unwind after completing a big project by enjoying themselves with their coworkers. When they return to work, employees might feel more invigorated and engaged with the company, leading to higher productivity rates.
  • Chances for redefining values: Having everyone gathered in one place makes it easier to hold serious conversations about the company's values and future. After discussions with employees, you might reach a breakthrough idea or uncover a new value. Retreats are also an excellent opportunity to ask for employee input.

corporate retreat

5 Corporate Retreat Destinations in the United States

If you're looking for luxury corporate retreat locations near you, the United States has many exciting destinations. Whether you're seeking a beachfront resort or a mountainous lodge, you're sure to find a location that suits your retreat plans and team preferences.

Here are five corporate retreat ideas to consider:

1. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is an exciting destination for your company retreat. The city is home to memorable landmarks, beautiful beaches and bustling city streets. Your employees can explore icons like the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory or the many nearby movie studios.

The city also contains many resorts and hotels that can perfectly suit your company retreat. Your team could relax at locations like:

  • Kimpton Shorebreak ResortKimpton Shorebreak Resort is a beachfront destination offering generous conference rooms, delicious cuisine and plush hotel rooms for overnight trips.
  • The Langham Pasadena Hotel: This luxury hotel is an excellent getaway for your company team. It's located near many museums, shops and entertainment opportunities, letting your employees enjoy themselves according to their interests. The hotel features deluxe rooms and suites for complete relaxation.

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver provides a thrilling blend of urban and rural opportunities. Your team members can discover the stunning terrain of nearby state parks or wander through the downtown shops and neighborhoods. The city offers unforgettable recreational opportunities, from hiking to fishing to rock climbing. You can choose from a wide range of hotels and resorts to create an excellent retreat experience.

Denver also has many opportunities for team-building activities. Your employees can bond over shared experiences like:

  • Visiting the Denver Botanic Gardens: The beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens feature lush greenery, exciting events and many learning opportunities.
  • Exploring Confluence Park: Confluence Park offers outdoor adventure for those within city limits. You can engage in many water-based activities, from kayaking to swimming. Or, explore nearby trails and scenery.
  • Attending a show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre: The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of Denver's most famous landmarks. Your team can immerse themselves in live performances and share an extraordinary experience.

3. Palm Beach, Florida

If you're interested in a beach getaway, Palm Beach is an excellent choice. Whether you explore the many beaches, golf courses, wildlife opportunities or anything in between, your team can find endless thrilling adventures in Palm Beach. 

You can plan a relaxing beachfront retreat for your team. Palm Beach is famous for its wide expanses of beaches, offering anything from remote solitude to bustling crowds. Explore vibrant wildlife with underwater snorkeling or at nearby parks. The city also contains many oceanfront hotels and resorts, making it the perfect overnight opportunity for a retreat. Choose from options like:

  • Eau Palm Beach: This five-star resort and spa offers optimal amenities and relaxation.
  • The Breakers: This historical resort has charmed visitors since 1890, providing top amenities and activities for guests.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a historic and vibrant destination for a company retreat. Your team can wander through memorable neighborhoods and attractions while bonding over a shared purpose. The city contains many engaging activities, such as:

  • The South Carolina Aquarium, which overlooks the picturesque Charleston Harbor.
  • Kiawah Island, a residential community and resort area featuring miles of beaches, sand dunes and preserved wildlife.
  • Tours of Fort Sumter to explore the history of the American Civil War and South Carolina's part in it.
  • The Charleston City Market, one of the country's oldest public and cultural markets, full of local vendors.

In addition, Charleston has a wide selection of lodging opportunities. Your corporate team can find guest rooms in historic bed and breakfasts, upscale overnight resorts or beachfront hotels. The wide range of accommodations lets you develop a retreat that meets your group's preferences and interests.

5. New Orleans, Lousiana

The city of New Orleans is famous for its vibrant nightlife, live music and cuisine. It's an outstanding choice for your corporate retreat, allowing employees to explore the culture while connecting with teammates in a fun atmosphere.

The city houses many luxury hotels, comfortable bed and breakfasts and historical resorts, giving your team a broad selection for extended trips. It also hosts countless festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from live music to food and drink to charitable causes. You could plan your company retreat around a specific event that interests your team, such as a music or culinary-themed getaway.

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Planning a company retreat is a rewarding and exciting process. Whether you choose broad beaches or bustling cities, your team will appreciate the opportunity to relax and engage in team-building with coworkers. 

Another essential component of trip planning is travel. Flying privately is the perfect way to arrive at your company retreat destination. Your group can travel in optimal comfort and privacy, avoiding stressful airport crowds and time-consuming security. GrandView Aviation offers top-quality private flights to destinations across the United States. Our Phenom 300 aircraft fleet provides seating for up to eight passengers and features luxury seating and amenities.

We're ready to help you create a memorable company retreat. To get started with GrandView Aviation, request a quote today.



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