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A First-Timer's Guide to Flying Private

First timer's guide to flying private

Flying can be more than just a means of transportation. With GrandView Aviation private flights, you can enjoy traveling in the comfort of luxury cabins and appreciate every aspect of your travels, including the journey to your destination. 

Private flights are a convenient, enjoyable alternative to commercial airlines. You can experience a variety of first-class amenities, including complimentary Wi-Fi and gourmet meals, all from your personal space. 

If this is your first time flying private, there are a few essential details to note before embarking on your flight. Take a look at this guide to flying private so you know exactly what to expect throughout your travels. 

Aircraft Safety

On a GrandView Aviation chartered flight, your safety is the highest priority. Our chartered flights offer a secure, private alternative to commercial jet flights with an impressive safety record and fastidious attention to enforcing safety measures.

When it's your first time flying private, it's crucial to choose a company with an excellent safety record that ensures its guests' satisfaction by implementing strong safety procedures. Researching the statistics of private flight safety and your chartered flight company's safety records can help you determine the best choice.

Modern private flights have safety records comparable to and in some cases even stronger than commercial flights. In 2010, the accident rate of private flights with two-person crews was just 0.07 over 100,000 hours. 

GrandView Aviation is Wyvern Wingman Safety rated, upholding the standards of one of the industry's most demanding air carrier safety certifications. We've passed rigorous audits and upheld strict standards to enforce necessary precautionary measures. We take every precaution to get you to your destination safely and on time. To ensure the highest level of safety, each of our flights is conducted as dual pilot operations. 

We have a 10-year accident-free and incident-free award in recognition of our safety accomplishments.

Additionally, when you fly from a private terminal, you can reduce your exposure to other travelers throughout the security and check-in process. This advantage means you can eliminate most forms of unnecessary contact and diminish your exposure to contagious illnesses. Having fewer passengers onboard the aircraft also means you are protected from exposure throughout your flight.

Who and What Will Be Traveling

what to bring with you on a jet

One fundamental aspect to consider before your flight is who and what you can bring with you. Different private aircraft have various capacities for passengers and baggage. GrandView Aviation offers chartered flights on Phenom 300 jets, which can fly up to 598 miles per hour and travel for as long as 2,077 nautical miles. 

Consider the following when deciding who will travel with you and what you'll bring for your journey:

  • Guests: With GrandView Aviation, we can board as many as eight passengers on a single flight, allowing you to bring up to seven guests of your choice.
  • Pets: When you choose GrandView chartered flights, you can also bring pets onboard for a secure, stress-free flying experience for you and your beloved pet.
  • Baggage: With 74 cubed feet of space for luggage in the baggage area, you have ample room for all your bags, as well as bulkier items, like skis, snowboards or golf clubs. You can also enjoy the speed and convenience of avoiding the baggage checking process of commercial airlines.
  • Flexible arrival times: Private flights are also much more flexible with arrival times since you do not have to go through security lines and screenings.

In the Cabin

When you board, you can expect your crew to go over essential travel and safety procedures after you're seated in the cabin. They will let you know at what points during the flight it is safe for you to move around, and they will be on hand to answer any questions and address specific requests. 

There are many perks to choosing private flights, including the accommodations in the cabin. Each aircraft is equipped with features that make your flight a relaxing, enjoyable experience. 

GrandView offers the following privileges on each of its chartered flights: 

  • Privacy: Enjoy a relaxed, private atmosphere in the cabin with your choice of guests on board.
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi: Make use of your time in the air by getting extra work done, watching a movie or listening to a podcast with our complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access. 
  • Spacious interiors: Get extra legroom and feel free to spread out in the serene environment and even take a nap in the space provided for a fully relaxed flying experience. 
  • Luxurious furniture: You will feel right at home lounging on our fully reclining leather seats. 
  • Gourmet cuisine: Indulge in our curated catering while on board for a taste of luxury as you fly. 
  • Satellite phone service: Make a phone call from the air with free and unlimited satellite phone access. 

Consider a Membership 

GrandView Aviation offers a safe, convenient flying experience that's perfect for when you're flying private for the first time. You can improve your return on investment by joining one of our membership programs. Earn rewards and receive access to more flexible scheduling and cancellation policies when you register for our Altitude Miles Program or Altitude Plus Miles Program. 

1. Altitude Miles Program

You can join the Altitude Miles Program for free and start earning rewards right away, beginning with your first private flight. With this program, you'll receive rewards for catering and flight credits. You will also get increased scheduling and cancellation flexibility. Our policy credits your account with all of your flight cancellation fees so you can immediately put it toward your next flight.

Join this free membership program today and start earning points toward catering and flights. 

2. Altitude Plus Miles Program

The Altitude Plus Miles Program is an elite membership opportunity that offers an automatic 10 percent discount on all GrandView flights for $150,000 up front. You will also earn rewards to put toward flight credits, catering and other perks. With this membership, you will receive access to our flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy, and you will earn a $200 catering credit on every flight. 

Sign up for this program today for immediate access to premier chartered flight benefits. 

Choose GrandView for an Elite Flying Experience

At GrandView Aviation, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction to ensure an efficient, relaxing travel experience. We provide high-class service and make an effort to know and observe your preferences and special requests, doing everything we can to make you comfortable throughout your flight. 

We charter private flights in and around major cities such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Scottsdale, Austin and Los Angeles. Book your private flight based on your schedule for ultimate flexibility and timeliness. 

Fill out our contact form to receive more information or call us at 800-609-8159 to speak with one of our team members. 

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