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Benefits of Flying Private

benefits of flying private

If you're interested in flying private but aren't sure if it's really worth it, consider the unique benefits you get with this mode of transportation. You're in control of nearly every aspect of your flying experience, including when you leave, what you pack, how you spend your flight time, who you fly with and more. Let's consider the top five benefits you can enjoy when you fly private.


1. Travel Arrangements Are Up to You

Depending on your nearest commercial airport and where you're headed, you may struggle to find direct flights to your destination. If you've dealt with issues like lengthy layovers, tight flight changes or even missed flights, you know how stressful and inconvenient flying commercial can be.

Even if you happen to find a non-stop flight from your preferred airport to your destination, it isn't likely to leave at your ideal time. You end up bending your schedule to make one of the limited options work. Plus, you have to get to the airport around two hours early for most domestic flights — even earlier during peak travel times.

When you fly private, none of the above issues exist. Instead, you get to set your ideal departure time and show up shortly before time to go. If you're delayed for some reason, your flight won't leave without you. Plus, every flight can be a direct flight to your destination, and it can depart from and arrive at private airports that are closer and more convenient in many cases than the closest commercial airports.

2. There Are Far Fewer Regulations to Navigate

Most people arrive at a commercial airport hours before their flight because of all the steps and security measures you must go through before boarding your plane. On a private jet, you can enjoy a much simpler process. You don't need to wait in lines to check in or go through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) procedures, and there's no wait to board the plane once you're ready to go. Eliminating many standard regulations means you can enjoy a more efficient and convenient experience at the airport.

You can also enjoy a more convenient experience when it comes to your luggage. TSA has a whole host of rules regarding what you can and can't bring on a plane and what you're allowed to include in checked luggage.

These regulations don't apply to private jets, though. So you can pack that special bottle of wine, for example, in your carry-on bag. In fact, there's no distinction between carry-on items and larger luggage since you can bring it all with you on the plane. You can even bring items like golf clubs or unloaded firearms on the plane — both of which are not allowed on commercial flights. Overall, there's far less red tape to deal with and more flexibility for you to tailor the experience to your liking.

3. You Can Spend Your Flight Time However You Want

On an ordinary flight, you're limited in how you can spend your flight time. You may be able to do some work on the plane, but you'll have to suffer through plenty of distractions. If you're flying with colleagues, you likely won't be able to conduct a business meeting due to your seating arrangement and surrounding passengers. Some planes don't even have in-flight Wi-Fi to allow you to work on your laptop.

On a private jet, Wi-Fi is fast, unlimited and freely available, and so is the flexibility you need to spend your flight time however you want to spend it. If you're flying with business colleagues, you can use your flight time productively by freely discussing private business matters or even practicing presentations ahead of whatever meeting or conference you're headed to.

If you'd prefer to spend your flight time relaxing, you can do that too. Enjoy a catered meal with your guests, watch a movie or sip your favorite cocktails. If you're on your way to a vacation or wedding, you can start the party early with your guests. Essentially, on a private flight, you can do whatever you'd do on the ground, free of the limitations and inconveniences that would inhibit you on a shared, commercial flight.

biggest benefits of flying private

4. You Can Enjoy Complete Privacy

One of the biggest benefits of flying private is that the guest list is up to you. Even when you fly first-class commercially, you'll likely be surrounded by strangers. Especially if you're someone who is used to being in the public eye, you may crave some privacy that you just can't get on a commercial flight.

On a private jet, you can take a nap without worrying about how you look. You can talk about private matters freely without a nearby journalist taking notes. You can avoid small talk with strangers. Instead, you get to enjoy the company of the guests you choose or even fly alone if you'd prefer complete privacy.

Our private jets even include fully enclosed private lavatories, so you can use the restroom, freshen up or change clothes for an event during your flight. The lavatories on a typical commercial plane fall short of the comfort and privacy of a luxury private jet bathroom — especially since you can take your time without worrying about a line of passengers waiting outside.

5. It's a More Comfortable and Customized Experience

Many airline passengers have noticed a decline in the comfort and service quality of first-class travel in recent years — especially on domestic flights. Cramped quarters, uncomfortable seating and lackluster food are some of the issues you can expect, even from the most high-end airline class. Many airlines make decisions to improve profits that affect all their customers.

On a private jet, you can enjoy more comfortable and spacious seating. Our leather chairs swivel and recline fully so you can get some quality rest if you'd like. The atmosphere is far more luxurious than the first-class experience that no longer lives up to its name on most commercial aircraft.

Furthermore, the service you receive is personalized for you. So you don't have to settle for generic offerings. Instead, you can request certain services, such as a catered meal featuring your or your guest's favorite dish. You can also enjoy listening to the music you prefer or watching a movie or TV show you like, no headphones needed. The staff is always focused on accommodating your needs and preferences and no one else's, so you can enjoy a level of service and personalization you won't find elsewhere.

enjoy private jet

Enjoy Private Jet Benefits When You Fly With GrandView Aviation

In short, when you fly private, you give up unpredictability and inflexibility for a travel method that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. You no longer have to worry about variables that are outside of your control. Instead, you can enjoy a stress-free flying experience that is perfectly tailored for you. If you want the best private flying experience possible, consider booking your flight with GrandView Aviation. We're committed to offering consistently excellent service, both in terms of luxury and safety. To enjoy our best-in-class performance, request a quote today!



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