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The Benefits of Using Private Aviation for Business

benefits of using jets for business

Air travel is an essential part of life for many business owners and executives. Traveling by plane is one of the fastest ways to get you from point A to point B so you can make new business connections and close profitable deals. You can expand your business in new and exciting ways thanks to the ability to fly across the country in a matter of hours.

But when it comes to commercial flying, the experience of traveling for business can be less than ideal. Busy airports, long waits in security and overcrowded planes are just a few of the negatives aspects of flying commercial. If you're considering alternatives to commercial flying for your company, you should take a closer look at why businesses fly private jets to achieve greater success.

7 Benefits of Private Jet Travel for Businesses

Business owners choose to fly private instead of commercial for many reasons. Here are seven benefits of using private aviation for business.

1. Save Time

In the business world, time is money. You understand the truth of that statement as a leader in your business. When you need to close a deal or meet with someone regarding an urgent business matter, you may be unable to spare that extra day — or even that extra hour.

This is where private jet travel comes into play. Flying private saves you time in the following ways:

  • Skip the long lines at airports.
  • Avoid sluggish security checks.
  • Carry on your luggage with you to avoid waiting at baggage claim.
  • Travel to multiple destinations in a single day.

2. Save Money

In addition to saving time, flying private also saves you money. This may come as a surprise since people often associate flying in a private jet with high expenses. When you fly private, you can enjoy many of the luxuries associated with the experience, but you'll also save money in the following ways:

  • Save money on hotels: Flying private lets you easily travel from one meeting to the next in a single day. This technique can save you hundreds of dollars in hotel rooms and meals since you'll be avoiding overnight expenses associated with commercial flight times.
  • Save money on meals: Turning a multi-day trip into a single-day trip can save you a significant amount of money on food. Feeding yourself can be expensive when traveling, but feeding a team of hungry individuals can drain your business fund account. Keep more money in your account by shortening your trip and reducing the number of meals you're responsible for.

3. Increase Your Productivity on the Ground and in the Air

Productivity is key when you're running a business. Thankfully, flying private allows you to boost your productivity both on the ground and in the air.

You already know that time is money. When you schedule a private flight, you get to skip all the protocol that goes along with commercial flights. This means you'll have more valuable hours of productivity both before your departure and after your landing. Plus, boarding and exiting the plane is a breeze, giving you more time to focus on your tasks and less on the flight process itself.

Flying private also helps to boost your productivity while you're in the air. With the availability of internet access and other communications features, you can participate in important communications efforts. This is especially important if you're dealing with an ever-changing business situation. While aboard, you'll enjoy the comfort and peace to do your work and stay productive while you await landing at your destination.

4. Stay Flexible

move quickly with a private jet

Running a successful business also demands a certain degree of flexibility from you and your team. It can be impossible to know in advance when a prime opportunity will present itself to you. In today's fast-paced business environment, you need to be ready to move quickly — sometimes at a moment's notice.

You can rely on private jet travel to get you where you need to go when you need to be there. The commercial airline schedule can cause you to experience long wait times and layovers that may be unacceptable when you have to meet with someone as soon as possible. When you fly private, you can make it to that urgent meeting without getting held up.

5. Enjoy a More Predictable Schedule

Staying flexible is important to running a business, but every business owner knows that having a reliable schedule is crucial for success. When traveling with one of the commercial airliners, you could be prone to long delays, layovers and even worse — outright cancelations. When these occur, you run the risk of being late to your meeting and even missing out on a prime business opportunity.

Private aviation lets you enjoy a more predictable, set schedule. When you hire a private jet to take you to your next meeting, it's going to be there at a time that works for you. No more cancellations. No more delays or unexpected layovers. When you fly private, your flight fits into your schedule instead of the other way around.

6. Experience Greater On-Board Security and Privacy

We already covered how flying private can boost your productivity. Along those same lines, flying private gives you increased security and privacy while aboard. This fact can be essential when you need to iron out meeting details with your team or review sensitive information before landing.

Flying private means you get to avoid nosy passengers who could even be people from rival businesses. You can spread out and enjoy a little extra room as you discuss sensitive topics without the need for whispers or cryptic wording. Instead, you get to feel comfortable the entire time you're on your flight, whatever the topic of conversation.

7. Reach Communities Without a Commercial Airport

Essential business meetings can happen anywhere — even in the remotest places in the country. Some cities and towns may lack a commercial airport nearby. People flying commercial to reach these places may need to rent cars and drive several hours simply to get to their meeting on time.

When you fly private, you have more available airports at your disposal. Because of their smaller size, private jets can land in one of the hundreds of small town airports nationwide where large commercial jets may be unable to land. You can land closer to your final destination and avoid extra travel time.

Experience the Benefits of Flying Private With Grandview Aviation

With convenient locations around the continental United States, Grandview Aviation is ready to take your business travels to the next level. Our Phenom 300 fleet is always on standby so you can go where you need to go at the moment you need to go there.

Contact us today for more information about our services. And be sure to request a quote online to learn more about the pricing for your next flight. We look forward to serving you!

benefits of flying private



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