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Lowell Brady Promoted to Director of Technical Services

Lowell Brady Promoted to Director of Technical Services


Baltimore, MD, May 8th, 2018—Private jet charter operator GrandView Aviation announced the promotion of Lowell Brady to Director of Technical Services. The announcement was made by Robert Lake, Director of Operations.

“Brady’s expertise in maintenance, safety management, regulatory compliance, and internal auditing have been key to GrandView’s growth and safety culture,” said Lake.

Brady joined GrandView Aviation as Director of Maintenance at GrandView Aviation in 2016. After 25 years in the aviation industry, he has over 10 years of management experience. Prior to his position with GrandView, Brady served in many leadership roles including Director of Maintenance & Safety for Rampart Aviation, Director of Safety & Compliance at Tempus Jets, among others. He began his career in the Navy managing teams and maintaining fighter jets like the F-14 Tomcat.

As Director of Technical Services, Brady oversees both the Phenom 300 jet and rotary wing maintenance departments, in addition to his role as Director of Safety which includes management of internal and external company audits and further development of the company’s safety programs.

GrandView Aviation

GrandView Aviation operates a fleet of Phenom 300 charter jets in Maryland & Texas as well as a helicopter fleet in Baltimore, MD. The company has offices at Martin State Airport and Austin-Bergstom International Airport. GrandView Aviation is an FAA Part 135 certificated aircraft operator & carries the elite Wyvern Wingman safety rating. For more information about GrandView Aviation, please visit

Reviewed by: Jessie Naor

Jessie Naor was named President of GrandView Aviation in 2022 after serving as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to her leadership of GrandView, she was elected to the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Board of Directors and serves as Vice Chairman of the Air Charter Safety Foundation Board of Governors and former Chairman of the Part 135 Committee; she was a member of the FAA’s Duty & Rest Aviation Rule Making Committee; sits on the Board of Governors’ for the Air Charter Safety Foundation; writes a monthly aviation safety column for Aviation Week and a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Top 40 under 40 in 2020. Jessie’s speaking engagements include presentations at Women in Aviation International (WAI) and the Organization for Donation and Transplant Professionals (NATCO). Jessie holds an Associate’s Degree in Air Traffic Control (Summa Cum Laude), CCBC Catonsville, and a BA in Aviation Business Administration (Cum Laude), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and an MBA in Management & Finance from The Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School.

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