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Private Jet Catering

Inflight catering is a highlight of flying private – for early morning departures or flights home after a long day of meetings, inflight dining is important to keep you fueled for the rest of your busy day. While large cabin aircraft have full galleys with room for complete multi-course meals and reheating ovens (and flight attendants to serve them!), light jet aircraft have limited storage space, rarely have appliances like microwaves or ovens, and fliers serve themselves during trips.

Flying has a major impact on taste due to the reduced humidity and air pressure – at altitude, fliers lose around 30% of their ability to taste sweet and salty but, interestingly, sour, bitter, and spicy flavors are almost the same. Researchers even say the umami flavor of tomato juice is more robust in flight – just one more good reason to order that Bloody Mary on your next morning trip. Inflight catering services are experts on the science of taste in flight – they specifically design meals to ensure they’ll taste great in the sky and will provide recommendations on what to order and what not to order based on the length of your flight.

Our inflight catering provider, Air Culinaire, has recently launched a hand-crafted Small Plates menu that is ideal for light jet travel. These one person meals are compact, but are impeccably presented and freshly prepared. With options like their Mini Mezze Plate with pita, feta, olives, dolmas and tzatziki, a Paleo plate with chicken, hard-boiled egg, crudité, tzatziki and nuts, or refreshing Feta and Watermelon skewers, there is a wide variety to choose from. After trying them personally, I can tell you they are the perfect choice for light jet fliers that want something hearty during their short flights, but don’t want to sacrifice on quality.

Of course, surf & turf, caviar or anything else you can imagine is always an option as well when flying privately. Warm meals will generally be reheated right before departure in a light jet, so we recommend enjoying them once you depart for the best taste. GrandView Aviation has recently launched a Phenom 300 Jet Membership program that includes complimentary catering credits. As an Altitude member, there are no fees to join and fliers receive $100 per day of travel booked in catering credits; premium levels of membership like their Summit and Grand Summit levels include $200 of catering credits per day. So on your next journey – don’t skip the catering! Your body and your taste buds will thank you.

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