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Top 3 Ways Businesses Use Jet Charter Flights to Enhance Productivity


Jet Charters – Productivity En Route

Making the decision to book jet charter flights instead of purchasing airline tickets is one that might cause a bit of hesitation for businesses. Charter can seem like a luxury, but the reality is that jet charters save time for your sales, technical and executive teams, allow more productivity throughout the travel day, and offer speed and reliability that airlines cannot deliver.  Private jets give your employees the space and flexibility to prep for meetings before they get to their destination. Business travelers appreciate the quiet time and connectivity to complete important work while en route to meetings, conferences, or regional office visits.

 Personalized Attention from Your Charter Operator

GrandView Aviation, and other jet charter operators, often offer additional services well beyond booking your flight. Think of your charter operator as your travel concierge – they tend to know the best local restaurants and are familiar with all your city’s transportation and entertainment options. Services they frequently perform include: arranging for a car service direct to your final destination, managing last-minute changes to your schedule, and providing catered snacks or meals so that your charter flight is comfortable, from start to finish.

Another benefit of flying charter over commercial is the personal attention when something goes wrong. Weather and other delays are remedied by your charter operator immediately. Being the charter pilots’ and coordinators’ first priority, you will receive prompt rescheduling so you can still make it to your critical appointments on time.

The Value of Employee Time

Our jet charters fly by the hour, but can comfortably fit multiple passengers and fly them directly to multiple locations in a single day. Instead of buying multiple airline tickets and coordinating the availability of each passenger with an airline’s schedule, a savvy corporate travel manager simply purchases flight time in a private jet. The benefit is that a charter jet will fly direct to your destination at a fixed cost. There are no premium fees added for traveling to small cities or for the convenience of shifting your flight schedule a few minutes earlier or later, when your needs demand flexibility.

Additionally, without the extra time spent in airports or multiple connections to meet, employees have more time to prepare for each meeting and to debrief afterward. When businesses value their employees’ time, this convenience allows for a truly productive workday out of the office.  Explore the convenience and safety of Baltimore and Washington, DC charter flights by booking your travel with GrandView Aviation.  If your employees are traveling regularly, find out just how easily jet charters can impact your company’s efficiency.



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