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Best Travel Ideas for Couples This Summer

couple laying out by the pool

Summer is here, and with it comes thoughts of travel to faraway destinations as people take off on summer vacations. If you’re planning a summer vacation with just you and your special someone, your travel plans may look a little different than someone traveling with an entire family in tow. Here are some tips to plan a successful vacation as a couple that will rekindle the spark and set you up for a vibrant relationship for the rest of the year.

1. Start the Trip with Alone Time

If you are looking to travel as a couple so you can reconnect and rekindle your romance, the best way to do so is to start the trip with some alone time. Before you even get to your destination, traveling on a private jet gives you the chance to start relaxing and enjoying private conversation. This will start your trip off on the right foot and prepare you for a week or more of reconnecting. You will also have the freedom to travel on your schedule, leaving when it is convenient for you rather than being forced to fit into the whims of the airline. Crack open a bottle of champagne and toast your trip in style on your own private jet.

2. Choose the Right Destination

The destination you choose is equally important as the route you take to get there. Determine what you enjoy doing together, then choose a destination that fits. Is your idea of fun and romance time spent hiking in an exotic forest destination, or would you prefer a tranquil cabin in the mountains? Is the beach calling to you, or do you feel invigorated after exploring a new city? The answer will be different for each couple, but choose a place that inspires you both and will help you build new memories together.

3. Choose the Right Accommodations

Accommodations are an important part of a romantic couple’s getaway. You need a place that gives you space to spread out and relax, offers a few unique luxuries, and lets you forget yourself as you reconnect with your significant other. Whether you choose a quiet bed-and-breakfast, a luxury all-inclusive resort, or an Airbnb, choose accommodations that will keep you comfortable during your stay and inspire a little romance along the way.

4. Schedule Some Downtime

When you’re in a new destination and ready to explore, it’s easy to pack the schedule with activities every minute, but avoid this temptation. Couples who are traveling need time to just be together. Make sure you schedule some downtime to sit by the beach, hang out in your hotel, enjoy a leisurely dinner, and simply reconnect.

Summer is an excellent time to travel together as a couple. Make plans now, book your private jet with GrandView Aviation, and jet off on an amazing adventure. With your travel experiences as a couple, you will build amazing memories that will last a lifetime.



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