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Types of Companies That Benefit From the Use of Private Jets

types of companies that benefit from private jets

When considering who uses private jets the most, large businesses and influential company executives are often the first to come to mind. This instinct is correct — business travel accounts for much of private aviation. As a leader in private jet and helicopter charters, GrandView Aviation has partnered with many companies from various industries to provide safe, comfortable and convenient private travel.

GrandView Aviation's services allow company leaders and employees to fly in luxury aboard one of our Phenom 300 aircraft. Companies that choose to fly with GrandView Aviation enjoy phenomenal perks, including maximum efficiency, high-speed Wi-Fi, flexible seating and curated catering.

Although private aviation is beneficial for a wide range of companies, a few companies stand to gain the most from traveling by private charter jets. Let's look at the top four categories of companies that rely on private aviation for many practical advantages. Learn whether your company or organization is well-suited for flying privately.

1. Fortune 500 Companies

The term Fortune 500 refers to the 500 largest companies in the country by revenue. Because of the tremendous resources Fortune 500 companies have to work with, they are frequently at the top of the list of organizations using private aviation for business travel. In fact, with the right business model, a Fortune 500 company can use private charter planes regularly.

Although many reasons can account for why Fortune 500 companies fly privately so often, the main reason these successful companies rely on private flights is for operational efficiency. When Fortune 500 companies travel privately, they can be confident that their flights will depart and arrive on time while maintaining high safety standards. Increased efficiency in private aviation allows these companies to fly at their own pace, according to their own schedules. 

This extra convenience ensures employees make it to their meetings and still be back home in time for dinner with their families. In this way, private jet travel optimizes the company's travel funds and enables them to get jobs done quicker and more effectively.

2. U.S. Government

Private jet travel offers extra security and privacy. Naturally, these two advantages make the private jet industry especially appealing for official government employees. Political figures and government agencies, such as the CIA or FBI, often use U.S. government private jets to ensure security is a top priority throughout the trip.

With private aviation, U.S. government officials can also skip the wait in long lines and crowded terminals. They can show up for their flight whenever works best with their busy schedules and enjoy traveling in luxury.

The convenience of private air travel can help U.S. government employees stay focused on the task at hand without worrying about missing flights, large public crowds or tiring trips in general. Thanks to private aviation, government workers can avoid long lines, work on cases in-flight and arrive refreshed and ready to interact with other government figures upon landing.

Along with government agency employees, many high-ranking public officials, such as Congress members and members of the president's Cabinet, also choose to fly private for the sake of security and privacy. Having an additional layer of safety when flying is crucial for these important public figures.


types of companies that benefit from private jets


3. Business CEOs

Numerous CEOs and other corporate executives take advantage of private jet travel for many reasons. Specifically, the privacy offered by flying on a private jet charter is better even than taking the company jet because of the reduced identifiability of charter flights. By keeping any CEO air travel done private, companies can secure secrets such as building location plans for a new headquarters.

The privacy and lack of traceability associated with private jet charters are invaluable when conducting crucial business deals, recruiting top talent, going through with mergers and acquisitions or embarking on any other highly sensitive business venture. Any CEO or executive handling one of these situations would be wise to depend on private aviation.

Corporate executives may also choose private aviation for the sheer comfort of private jet charters. As far as luxury travel is concerned, private jet charters remain among the most popular picks for getting around by air. The convenience, privacy and comfort offered by private aviation make it an obvious choice for CEOs and corporate directors of all organizations.

4. Small Businesses

Private aviation isn't just for Fortune 500 companies with private jets — it's equally suitable for small businesses. A report from the National Business Aviation Association found that small and mid-sized companies account for around 85% of American business flights. As the businesses analyzed got larger, the frequency at which they used private jets decreased.

Small companies can be drawn to private aviation because private jets boost their productivity, save employee time, accelerate transactions, protect intellectual property and improve their customer service overall. Flying with private jets enables small businesses to safely transport their tools and materials that can't always be carried aboard commercial airlines. 

Transporting these goods privately also ensures that the items are delivered to facilities quicker and received by customers promptly. With private jet travel, small companies get to choose when their flights depart and schedule them around their typically hectic production timetables.

Using private aviation to speed up delivery and improve efficiency helps small businesses enhance their customer benefits and ultimately retain more customers. When customers receive the product they ordered on time and in good condition, they are more likely to shop again.


types of companies that benefit from private jets


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