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Grandview Aviation: Utilizing a Common Fleet for Consistency and Safety 

Utilizing a common fleet

When you're looking to charter a private jet, you want to ensure an honest, safe, high-quality experience. For that, you need to be able to trust the service you're paying for. Last-minute changes, inconsistent quality, obscure advertising and maintenance delays don't make for a service that you can trust. You need consistency to receive an experience worth the expense. 

Grandview Aviation is a private jet charter service that brings you quality transportation you can trust. We fly on-demand jets and helicopters from some of America's largest cities, ensuring you reach your destination reliably and comfortably. To do this, we employ a common fleet of 14 Embraer Phenom 300 light jets. 

What is a Common Fleet? 

Fleet commonality refers to the practice of matching the attributes of a fleet of aircraft — for example, matching parts, matching employee training or matching flight distances. This is opposed to a diverse fleet, where the make, training and flight distances can all be varied. Sometimes, planes in a common fleet will only share similar model families — other times, the fleet is comprised entirely of the same model of plane. 

At Grandview Aviation, we utilize a common fleet of Phenom 300 light jets, all conducted with dual pilot operations and held to our industry-leading standards of safety. Our jets blend speed, luxury and affordability into a lightweight package, with a best-in-class range of almost 2,000 miles. We ensure you reach your destination in good time and enjoy every second of the journey. 

Utilizing a common fleet

Benefits of a Common Fleet

There are a variety of benefits to flying a common fleet as opposed to a diverse one. Grandview Aviation's team of Phenom 300s helps to ensure availability, consistency, flexibility, and most importantly, client safety. 


No company can exist without experiencing minor hiccups — however, that doesn't mean they can't be prepared for them. On the rare occasion when a plane part malfunctions or breaks down entirely, having the replacement part already available cuts down on repair time significantly. With diverse fleets, airline companies aren't always able to keep a full array of replacement parts on hand. In those cases, a breakdown might lead to long flight delays as they wait for the replacement part to come in. 

With common fleets, this is less likely to be an issue. A fleet comprised of the same plane model makes it significantly easier to manage spare parts in inventory. Maintenance performs repairs faster, so aircraft is returned to service promptly with less inconvenience for passengers. In addition, our engineers possess complete knowledge of a single type of aircraft, so if an issue arises, they'll better understand how to resolve them completely and quickly.


Another benefit of our common fleets is our quality consistency. With a diverse fleet, there's no guarantee that the quality of one flight will carry over to the next. While a baseline quality can usually be assured, you may find yourself experiencing a serious downgrade in luxury, depending on the plane model. When planes are of the same type and use the same employee training, there's more consistency in your flight experience. 

With Grandview Aviation's common fleet of Phenom 300s, you know that all of your favorite features will be consistent from flight to flight. We offer spacious, luxurious and pet-friendly cabins with fully furnished leather seats, capable of holding up to eight passengers at a time. Along with our complimentary snacks and drinks, we offer inflight catering, a fully enclosed lavatory, unlimited wifi and satellite phone service, as well as outlets to make sure your devices are fully charged at all times. 

What's more, our affiliate Grandview Jets have a special "Press for Jet" web button that is specifically tailored to your personal preferences. This Amazon Web Service's IoT button will be connected to your preferred destinations, your drink and snack preferences, and any special requirements you have for your flight. Once you press the button, you'll be contacted by our dispatch department, and your flight can be arranged in as little as two hours.


With a diverse fleet of different planes, pilots need to be specially trained in how to best fly each type. In a common fleet, pilots only need to be trained in flying the select few plane types used, Any available pilot can fly any available plane, meaning more pilot flexibility and availability.

Our on-demand Grandview pilots are able to fly at all hours, meaning you can schedule a flight when it's most convenient for you. And once again, a common fleet ensures common spare parts and common repair methods, leading to quicker repairs and more flexible flight hours. At Grandview Aviation, we pride ourselves on being able to take you where you want to go, when you want to go. 


Grandview Aviation's top priority is the safety of our clientele. We are a Part 135 FAA Approved, Wyvern Wingman, Argus Gold and ISBAO Stage I Operator. The Wyvern Wingman Safety Rating is given by aviation experts who assess, among other things, company safety management systems, employee experiences and emergency response plans. Their standards are some of the most demanding in the aviation industry. 

Of course, meeting these standards is an unshakable standard of our business, and one we strive to uphold. We've been both accident and incident free for ten years, and we carry 150 million dollars worth of liability insurance. Our common fleet and dedication to safety ensures your security no matter which of our planes you travel on. What's more, as a private charter service, your contact with others will be minimized compared to public flights — meaning less exposure to any contact-transmittable diseases like COVID. 

Utilizing a common fleet


When you're looking to charter a private jet, you want availability, consistency, flexibility and safety. You want to know that the plane you'll be flying on meets your standards of comfort, and that no matter how many times you book with that carrier, those same standards will be met. You want to know that your flight will be ready when you call, whenever that might be, and that above all, your flight will always be safe.

Grandview Aviation gives you just that. Our common fleet of Phenom 300s will take you where you need to go, when you need to get there. We'll ensure a luxurious flight experience that doesn't vary from flight to flight. Most importantly of all, we'll guarantee your safety to the best of our ability.

For luxurious, convenient, and most importantly safe private charter jets, choose Grandview Aviation and contact us today. 



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