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Why You Should Spend Christmas at the Beach

When planning your holiday vacation, consider changing things up this year and celebrating on the beach. Imagine how exciting it will be to swap the snow and cold temperatures for white sand and sunny skies. 

From escaping the winter weather to creating new family memories, there are tons of benefits to spending Christmas by the shore. You can enjoy less stress and more relaxation, so you are ready to take on the new year. 

Explore all the reasons why you should book a stay at the beach for your Christmas Vacation this year.

Starting a New Holiday Tradition

The holiday season can be a very high-stress time for most people. Between buying the right gifts for each special person in your life and wrapping up your duties for work, the end of the year comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Instead of spending your Christmas vacation feeling stressed and overworked, imagine jetting off to somewhere you can unwind and actually enjoy yourself. The beach is the perfect place! 

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up to the sounds of ocean waves instead of snow plows? Envision yourself soaking up the sunshine with your favorite drink and a book you haven't had time to read. A beach vacation might be the ideal way to switch things up and create a new holiday tradition to treasure for years to come.

Annual traditions give us a sense of security and familiarity. Consider establishing a new one this year by traveling over Christmas time. You can take your family or your significant other someplace warm and sandy as a new way to celebrate the 25th. 

Benefits of Celebrating Family Traditions

Traditions are incredibly valuable for strengthening a family unit. The following are some of the ways they can benefit your loved ones:

  • Lifelong memories: When families come together to do a special activity or spend a holiday in a unique place, each person forms memories that will last them a lifetime. It is special when people come together for a collective experience like spending a day baking seasonal treats or unwrapping presents on the beach. 
  • A sense of belonging: One of the greatest advantages of family traditions is the great sense of unity and belonging that comes with a special annual event. Despite all the changes going on in the world around us, we can depend on the familiarity of our holiday celebrations, whether they have been in the works for three generations or three years. 
  • Boosting connections: Families can strengthen their bonds by spending quality time together doing something familiar. A tradition like spending Christmas by the shore can give everyone a chance to focus on their connections with their loved ones instead of trivial things like getting gifts. 
  • Teaching family values: Traditions highlight what is important in life and having annual rituals helps reinforce important values. Families pass along their heritage by partaking in religious or cultural practices. They also give kids an opportunity to ask meaningful questions and get to know their history a little better. 

Avoiding Winter Weather

For many people, winter weather is miserable. The blustery cold and snow can interfere with the commute to work. They spend less time in the sunshine getting vitamin D and more time couped up in their house or at their job. The sun sets early, making the days feel short. Spending your next Christmas vacation at a warm, sandy beach can solve all of that. 

Not only will the beach offer higher temperatures, but it also gives you a chance to switch up your daily routine and welcome new experiences. Having two weeks off from school is incredibly exciting for kids. However, after a few days without a normal schedule, kids can easily become bored. Spending time at the beach instead of at home can combat this boredom because there are endless activities to do and memories to make. 

For active families that enjoy spending time outdoors, going to the shore for vacation during winter gives them an opportunity to get outside comfortably. Whether you want to swim in the ocean or play beach volleyball, there is nowhere like the sand to appreciate nature while breathing fresh air and engaging with your family. Plus, you can relax between activities and maybe even get a tan. 

A few additional reasons to travel to the beach over wintertime include:

  • Fewer crowds: The off-season is one of the greatest advantages of heading to the ocean for Christmas this year. Fewer crowds mean shorter lines and less waiting for restaurants and local activities. 
  • Lower rates: Heading to the beach over winter usually means lower rates which is always beneficial. You can spend the money you saved on vacation on Christmas gifts for your loved ones instead.
  • More flexibility: Planning a trip to the shore for a winter vacation is usually easier to coordinate than at other times of the year. Kids are typically off school for about two weeks, and there are more options for accommodations at the beach since fewer tourists are going at this time. 

Enjoying Winter Weather at the Beach

Not everyone wants to miss out on cold temperatures and snowfall over Christmas. If you enjoy bundling up and getting cozy by the fireplace, you could spend the holiday at a beach with a cold winter climate instead. 

You can still enjoy Christmas at the beach even if your household isn't interested in sunbathing or swimming. By visiting a northern beach, you can get the best of both worlds. You can have gorgeous shoreline views with the chilly, seasonal weather. Watching the snow come down on the beach is a magical experience the whole family will enjoy. 

Vacationing at an All-Inclusive Beach Resort

If you are on the fence about traveling for Christmas this year, consider booking an all-inclusive beach resort. These places are meant for unwinding and having the most enjoyable, relaxing vacation possible. If you've had an especially stressful year, consider treating yourself and your family. 

Staying at an all-inclusive beach resort has many advantages, including:

  • Less to pack: When booking a vacation trip to a beach resort, you can pack much lighter than if you were to book a rental house or if you were to go somewhere with colder winter temperatures.  
  •  No cooking: One of the pleasures of staying in an all-inclusive establishment is never needing to cook meals for the whole family or washing dishes. The staff is there to help you unwind and enjoy chef-cooked meals without all of the responsibilities. 
  • Less cleaning: When staying at a resort, parents can take the chance to truly unwind. No need to clean up every small mess or do laundry. They can relax along with the kids while the resort staff takes care of laundry services and tends to your room. 
  • Convenient planning: Planning a regular trip involves juggling a bunch of accommodations, from the hotel room to travel. With an all-inclusive resort, you can easily book all the things you need in one place, saving you time and energy.
  • Meeting new people: Staying at a resort over Christmas gives you the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. The holiday spirit makes it a perfect time to mingle. Kids and adults can make new friends and enjoy their vacation with someone new.
  • Increased safety: All-inclusive resorts are gaining popularity because they offer convenience and safety. The staff should monitor the guests and who is allowed inside the resort. They should also take precautions to avoid the spread of illness so your family can enjoy their vacation without getting sick. 
  • Complimentary food and drinks: One of the greatest perks of an all-inclusive vacation is the food and drink options guests have around the clock. At many resorts, you can enjoy meals with your favorite drinks whenever you want them and at no additional cost to you. 
  • Amenities and activities: Your family will have many things to do to stay busy while staying at one of these resorts. From swimming in the pool to getting a massage to playing golf, there are tons of activities to get involved in while on your Christmas vacation. 
  • No need to leave: Another advantage of booking your stay at a resort is that you don't have to leave. You don't need to worry about renting a car or finding public transportation. You can enjoy your entire stay at the resort. 

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