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Combatting Rolling Rest: FAA Part 135 Rest & Duty Rulemaking Committee Takes Action

While this was a complex and arduous task to work through, Jessie was proud to be included in the the Federal Aviation Administration's Part 135 Rest & Duty Rulemaking Committee. Although she doesn't agree with all the recommendations, Jessie was thrilled that some light was getting shed on the issue of Rolling Rest - there is no "ON CALL" status for pilots, only "ON DUTY" or in rest. Crews, please report violations, you have the right to prospective (known in advance) rest periods.

"Prospective rest is a legal requirement per 14 CFR § 135.267, with multiple letters of interpretation addressing the issue of rolling rest (Orellana 2015, Kidd 2017, Jimenez 18 2011, etc.). “Rolling rest” is the illegal and widespread practice of requiring a crew member to be in rest on a rolling (continuing) basis without assigning an end to the rest period. In a rolling rest operation, crew members complete a duty period and are then left “in rest” indefinitely until called in for a new duty assignment, leaving them in a constant “on call” state with no ability to plan sleep adequately. It is widely known among the part 135 community that some operators, either intentionally or unknowingly, use rolling rest."

Read more on Part 135 Fatigue Recommendations

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