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GrandView Pilots Receive Pay Bump Ahead of Hiring Spree

Private jet operator leads the pack in quality of life

Baltimore, MD - GrandView Aviation, one of the nation's fastest-growing private jet charter operators, is launching a new compensation and benefits package for flight crew members. The operator has quickly become one of the largest operators of Phenom 300s in the world and is the second most active light jet charter operator in the United States, racking up over 1300 hours per month on its common-aircraft fleet, according to ARGUS’ TraqPak system.

Direct hire Captains starting salaries will be $110,000, with a $12,000 hiring bonus available for those already type-rated in the Phenom 300. GrandView Aviation also leads the industry with a unique and robust fatigue management program that includes a maximum 12 Hour scheduled duty day, compensatory rest program, and more. Employee healthcare is covered 100% with the ability to add dependents to the insurance, in addition to the company’s loss of medical/license coverage through Harvey Watt & Company. The company also provides a 401K matching plan with 100% vesting from day one.

"Providing a top tier benefits plan enables our employees to focus on safety and the task at hand instead of worrying about medical costs and how to cover a deductible." said David Hughes, Director of Human Resources at GrandView Aviation. “With the new benefits programs instituted this year, we are able to round out the total rewards package for pilots who work at GrandView Aviation and compete at a level that most don’t see from an operator of our size.”

“We’re putting the health and well-being of our team before all else." Said Jessie Naor, Chief Operating Officer of GrandView Aviation. "By providing an environment with strong Just Culture, and taking preventative measures to reduce fatigue, our crews will provide an incredible experience for our passengers and provide the highest levels of safety.”

GrandView Aviation will continue its major growth plans into 2022 by hiring over 70 pilots through the third quarter, in addition to business and operations management and support roles throughout the organization. The charter operator projects it will fly 20,000 hours in 2022 from its headquarters at Martin State Airport and 7 other current bases plus 3 additional planned bases across the US. 2022 will also see a 50% increase in the size of its Phenom 300 fleet.

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