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How to Impress Clients and Win More Business

how to impress clients and win more business

The key to winning more business is to impress your clients. There's no denying that business is a competitive landscape, so do what you can to stand out from the crowd. Every company has a unique culture and way of doing business, but a few methods can give you the upper hand. 

If you want to know how to impress your client, follow these handy tips.

Fly Private

The top way to impress a client in the first meeting is to invite them on a private jet. This idea has several practical benefits for client relationships — but most importantly, it shows clients you're willing to invest in them. For many people, it's a unique experience they don't enjoy often, so chartering a private jet can make clients feel special and like you care.

Whether you're convincing an existing client to stay on or trying to win new business, flying your clients via private jet might just give you the edge you need over other companies. Some of the other benefits of flying private to impress your clients include:


If you're trying to win more business, always defer to and accommodate your client's schedule. There's nothing more frustrating for a client than being asked continuously to reschedule or accommodate a timeframe that doesn't work for them. Fortunately, flying private helps everyone involved stick to their calendars.

When you fly private, you can leave from wherever and whenever is most convenient for your client. Additionally, private charters cut the wait time in half compared to commercial flights. A private jet can arrange for multiple stops wherever the business or client needs. Avoiding the headache of changing flights, missed connections and travel delays is sure to impress a potential business partner. 


No one wants to schedule an important business meeting in the middle of a crowded flight. While first-class has many conveniences, privacy isn't one of them. Chartering a private jet ensures you and your client are the only parties on the flight, so you can openly discuss any element of your business. There's no need to worry about climbing over other passengers or nosey neighbors — when you're on a private jet, your business stays your business.


nothing compares to private jet charter

Airlines may brag about their legroom, but nothing compares to the comfort of a private jet charter. In addition to offering plenty of space, private jets can accommodate catering, drink service and professional accommodations such as work areas and charging stations. Setting off with your clients in a private jet will give them the most comfortable travel experience, and they'll arrive at the destination feeling fresh and relaxed.

Take Them Golfing

Stepping out of the boardroom and onto the green presents a unique opportunity to get to know your potential clients. Taking your clients out for a round of golf can make discussing complex or heavy topics more approachable. In addition to ensuring you're going to a nice club, keep in mind the following business golfing etiquette tips:

  • Accommodate client preferences: Before reserving a tee time, check that golfing is an activity everyone in your client's party will enjoy. If you're trying to win their business, you must accommodate their preferences, no matter how badly you want to get on the green.
  • Be honest: Whether you do one round a week or barely touch the irons, be honest with your clients about your skill level. No one likes someone who's only playing to win or who purposely loses to impress them. Gauge their intensity level while maintaining a professional and sportsmanlike attitude.
  • Pay for the round: If you're hosting the client, it's your responsibility to pay for the round of golf. Also, be sure to tip any caddies and cart drivers where appropriate. 
  • Golf like you do business: If you play golf like you do business, your client can get a real sense of your values. If you're visibly frustrated or upset after making a mistake, they may well question your ability to keep a cool head and make good business decisions. 

Rent a Limo

Another way to impress potential clients is to let them arrive in style. Whether they're traveling from across town or across the country, renting a limo will make your potential clients feel pampered. If you're chartering a private jet, go the extra mile and have a limo waiting for them when they land. They'll appreciate the prompt service and luxurious space a limousine ride affords.

In the same way that a private jet adds convenience, so does limo service — and flexibility is an essential aspect of impressing potential clients. Because limos come with personal drivers and often offer amenities like drinks and snacks on board, you can let your clients continue riding in luxury as they head to their destination. Some even have WiFi and flatscreens, helping passengers conduct business on the road.

Another great reason to rent a limo is that it means more people can ride in the car. If possible, meet your clients at the airport or at pick up so you can show them around. Going the extra mile to demonstrate how much you appreciate their time and want their business will go a long way.

Surprise Them

Another way to impress your potential clients is to surprise them. Doing the unexpected can be a leap of faith, and it might mean doing a little covert research into what your client likes. While you shouldn't stalk all their personal profiles, look for clues about their interests in their company bios and professional publications. Ways to surprise your potential clients include:

  • Present them with personalized gifts based on their hobbies.
  • Offer them tickets to their favorite sports team's home game.
  • Take them to their favorite restaurant.
  • Give them a tour of the city.
  • Gift them passes to events like winery tours.

Proving that you're willing to put in the work to learn about them as people and business partners will be sure to impress them. Also, while it may be disappointing for you if they go with another company, keep in touch and maintain a good relationship with them. It may pay off in the long run when their contract is up for renewal again.

Fly to Impress With GrandView Aviation

It's essential to do your research and pull out all the stops when you're looking to impress a potential business partner — and nothing wows clients like a ride in a private jet. However, owning and maintaining a private jet is a costly expense, which is why chartering one with a trusted company gives you the best of both worlds. 

Partner with GrandView Aviation to impress clients and enjoy the flexibility and privacy of a private jet. Our reputation for safety, reliability and luxury will help you reach your destination and meet your business goals. Fly with ease on one of our Phenom 300s, equipped with the latest technology, enhanced comfort, safety measures and complimentary WiFi. 

If you're interested in our services, you can request a quote or contact us to speak with a qualified representative.

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