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The Great Escape: Reasons Why You Should Travel Over the Holidays

holiday travel

Americans made 15 billion trips from December 2020 to January 2021. Four out of 10 Americans plan to travel during Thanksgiving and mid-January, taking themselves or their families on much-needed holiday vacations.

Holidays are fantastic opportunities to travel and spend time with loved ones. These holiday trips allow you to unwind and take a break from busy work schedules and meetings. This post offers reasons to travel over the holidays and tips to help you do so.

Benefits of Traveling

Humans are communal beings who relish traveling — we love to experience new cultures and visit new places. Distance sets friends and families apart, so we travel miles to meet loved ones and create fond memories with them. 

Traveling has significant health benefits in addition to boosting happiness, building bonds and improving overall personal growth. Let's consider these in more detail:

Traveling Keeps You Healthy

Studies have shown that traveling is vital to your health. It makes you feel younger and energized. It is no surprise that people who enjoy travel have better cognitive functions and potentially suffer less from high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, stroke and cancers. 

Mental health has emerged as a topical issue in contemporary times. Many individuals today have experienced some form of depression, stress or anxiety. Our daily activities and professional lifestyle — tight schedules, deadlines and high expectations — make these occurrences common. Traveling can be an effective boost for mental and physical health because it:

  • Makes you optimistic: Physical activities such as hiking, walking and cycling can boost your confidence and morale. The successes you achieve through these exercises reinforce you mentally, while the scenic environments make you appreciate the world.
  • Reduces stress: Traveling takes your mind off stressful thoughts and activities and allows you to live. The relaxation you experience improves your mood.
  • Boosts creativity: Traveling exposes you to new ideas and cultures. The experience expands your perspective on life and enhances creativity by providing a source of inspiration. 
  • Increases your energy level: Being somewhere new takes you out of your routine lifestyle and introduces you to new engagements. You may get ample rest during your vacation, or you may simply take a break from work and your daily obligations.
  • Enhances sleep patterns: Traveling can help you maintain a healthy and stable sleep pattern. When the body is relaxed, it's easier to reset your sleep routine, which equals better cognitive performance. 

Traveling Improves Family Bond

Careers and inadequate work-life balance make it challenging to enjoy quality family time. Two-thirds of full-time working Americans agree that they do not have a work-life balance, with 26% of salaried employees doing work outside of job hours. That imbalance means reduced time with loved ones, but travel gives you the chance to unplug and unwind with family.

Traveling with the family is advantageous to both parents and children, and traveling to visit families also builds strong ties. Here are some benefits of traveling with your family, whether you visit other loved ones or take time for yourselves:

  • Builds connection: Parents spend time on their careers and businesses while kids focus on school. There is little time for families to have meaningful conversations. The primary benefit of traveling with the family is that it builds a strong bond. Traveling together allows parents and children to spend time communicating and engaging in activities as a group instead of spending hours on their phones, laptops or tablets. The new experience allows relatives to be interested in each other's lives.
  • Develops adventurous spirits: Adventures make children creative and offer them the chance to explore. The experience builds them physically and mentally, as they gather traits necessary for growth. Kids can ask questions and get curious as they observe new phenomena. 
  • Makes children socially aware: Visiting new places gives children a better appreciation of life. Seeing new neighborhoods and different lifestyles is a gift that expands their perspective. They learn to empathize and express themselves, a benefit that could travel home with them. 
  • Presents an opportunity to learn: Traveling is an educational avenue for children. They see what they've learned in school firsthand and absorb knowledge beyond classroom studies. Travelers generally discover new cultures and languages and expand their horizons. 
  • Reduces stress for the family: Vacations set the stage for families to feed off each other's positive energy and distract them from stressful obligations at home. 
  • Engages you in diverse activities: Vacations help you attempt new things and reignite your fondness for the old. You can ski, fish, hike or climb with the family this time, sharing and exchanging your hobbies with each other. While these activities bring the family together, they also serve as exercise — a double win. 
  • Offers the chance to meet new people: Traveling is an exciting way to expand your social circle. You meet people at the hotel, at the numerous events you attend, at restaurants or by just taking a stroll. Whether the relationship is short-lived or turns out to be a lifelong connection, socialization is essential for your personal growth.
  • Keeps the family entertained: A happy family is a strong family — spending time touring and vacationing together sets the stage for unity. A vacation can build kids' self-esteem, reduce behavioral challenges, reduce stress and make it easier to resolve conflict.

Traveling Creates Memories and Traditions

We create lifelong memories with family and friends when we travel. Vacations, by their very nature, open doors for us to spend time with others. The fondest memories are those spent with loved ones — that's what traveling brings to the table. 

The joy and laughter we share stay with us forever. When we revisit the pictures and videos we took, it takes us back in time to the day we lived that moment. 

Family traditions contribute to the overall growth and well-being of the family and fortify the family's identity. The young ones carry these traditions for generations. There's nothing more fulfilling than watching the date of an annual family trip draw near, especially when it accompanies a holiday. 

Benefits of Traveling During the Holidays

While vacationing is advantageous, traveling during holidays has added benefits. Plan a vacation, return home from a business trip to celebrate with family or visit loved ones who live across the country during this special time of year. The benefits of holiday travel, in particular, include:

  • Small crowds: Forty-six percent of travelers drive to their vacation spots, while 44% fly. Most of these travelers go before or after the holiday but not on the actual day. As most individuals are already at their destinations, you can experience shorter lines and less traffic if you travel on the actual holiday. When you fly private, you'll experience even shorter wait times. 

crowd travel

  • Unique experiences: Many destinations host special events during the holidays. Witness breathtaking light displays, enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides or visit festive markets that only appear during the holiday season.
  • Holiday meals: Holidays are for pleasure — and good food plays a vital role. Whether you visit loved ones to share in traditional meals or sample themed offerings from eateries, you can enjoy a tastes of the season.

Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

Preparing for holiday travel requires a bit more care. Follow these tips to prepare for your seasonal vacation:

  • Confirm weather situations to avoid delays: Do a quick weather search on the internet before choosing a day to travel. This makes it easy to navigate unfavorable weather conditions. 
  • Pack right: Use a carry-on bag for extra space. Select the essential items you need for the trip while saving room for souvenirs and gifts to bring home. 
  • Look for seasonal offerings: Research travel websites, blogs and vlogs to learn about unique holiday events you'd like to attend. Whether you know your destination or haven't selected one yet, a bit of research can guide you in the right direction for unforgettable experiences.
  • Include extra time: Unpredictable occurrences may disrupt your plans. Include spare time to accommodate delays, bad weather and unexpected traffic.
  • Develop a plan B: Having options reduce stress, frustration and disappointment. Research backups for everything from restaurants you'll dine at to the day you'll leave and return. Establishments, in particular, may close, be fully booked or have altered hours during the holidays, so it's wise to have other options nearby.
  • Buy gifts at your destination: Traveling with gifts takes up extra space, which means heavier luggage and more expense. Ship gifts to your destination or buy gift cards if you're visiting family during a gift-giving holiday. 
  • Reserve airport parking: Arriving at the airport with a parking spot ready saves time. Make reservations or have someone drop you off.  
  • Dodge airport traffic: Extend your vacation to maneuver the gridlock — travel earlier than other travelers and leave later. Alternatively, make your nationwide air trips private for optimum comfort and convenience. 

Why You Should Fly Private During Festive Seasons

Private jet transport has surged over the passenger-carrying market due to its security, flexibility, exclusivity, safety and convenience. These benefits are particularly ideal during the holidays, as you can avoid large crowds of fellow travelers by boarding a private flight. Flying private during holidays has additional immense benefits. Take advantage of the following: 

  • Stay healthy: Private charters are exponentially less congested in contrast with commercial flights. Physical contact is minimal, providing extra protection for you, your friends and your family. Additionally, private charters reduce touchpoints and deliver extra sanitary servicesHigh-efficient particulate air (HEPA) filters and 100% fresh air systems ensure passengers breathe quality air. Remember, health is wealth. Choose a company that cares about you. 
  • Fly with your pets: It's heartwarming to travel with pets and make them a part of your holiday traditions. As an added benefit, you won't need to arrange for your pet to stay with someone else or for someone to visit your home to care for your pet. Private jets may offer pet-friendly rides to your destination. 
  • Avoid delays: Flying private means circumventing the unpredictability and cancelations associated with commercial flights. Private and charter flight companies keep customers up to date with traveling information. Flying private also allows you to drive right up to your plane and hand off your bags to be stowed, thereby skipping long airport lines, sidestep slow security, avoid waiting hours for your luggage and easily travel across various destinations. 
  • Gain extra vacation time: Private flights allow you to move quickly between locations. Whether you're traveling over the holidays for leisure or business, flying private is a great way to cut down on the time you spend waiting in an airport and gain more time for what matters. Visit family members living in one state, board a private flight and travel again to see your friends in another state, all within the same vacation.
  • Carry extra luggage: Private aviation has room for your excess baggage. Unlike on commercial flights with tight baggage restrictions, you can worry less about luggage weight and size.
  • Enjoy flexibility: Choose suitable flight dates and times that work for YOUR schedule, and private flight operators can reschedule flights at your convenience. This flexibility reduces the stress of planning and securing alternate means of transport for certain eventualities during the holidays. Flying private gives you charge of your schedules. 
  • Dine on quality meals: Private airlines serve quality meals with fewer restrictions. You can order food according to your desires, needs, allergies and dietary restrictions. You can also carry food along if you wish.
  • Fly with whom you know: Private jets are private for a reason. They allow you to fly discretely and securely — make calls with confidentiality, catch up on work uninterrupted and travel with family and friends without interference. Many people, especially celebrities, require personal time when traveling. By flying private, you evade the crowd and get some alone time to reflect on life and your travels. 
  • Experience luxurious travel: Exclusive flights offer a deluxe traveling experience. Most Americans have busy careers and little personal time. When traveling during the holidays, fly private and appreciate the grandeur and allure. 

Fly Private This Holiday With GrandView Aviation

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