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Why Businesses Should Fly Private

why businesses should fly private

Let's admit it — business travel isn't always your favorite experience. When you think about arriving bleary-eyed at the airport at 5 a.m., waiting in endless lines, watching security agents rummage through your luggage, enduring one cramped flight, then scarfing down a handful of pretzels as you race through the terminal to catch a second one, you may not feel excited for the adventure ahead.

On the other hand, chartering a corporate plane offers an infinitely more pleasant experience. When you book a flight on a private jet, you gain more control over your trip. You can choose your travel companions, set a reasonable schedule, enjoy a comfortable flight and luxuriate in dozens of other perks and amenities that make the experience well worthwhile. 

Top Reasons to Fly Private

Flying private is an excellent option for business travelers looking to get the most value and service from their money. Here are a few of the best reasons to take a private jet the next time you fly. 

1. Time Savings

In business, time is money, and travelers are often happiest when they can save as much of it as they can. Private jets help trim extraneous time off trips and make travel more efficient. 

How do they do that? Private jets, unlike commercial airliners, have the option to land at thousands of small airports across the country. This flexibility can dramatically reduce travel time by getting business travelers much closer to their final destinations. 

Private jets also offer convenient 24/7 service. With commercial airlines, you might find only a few flights going to your destination each day, and they could leave unhelpfully early or late. With a business jet, you can schedule flights at the times that work best for your schedule.

Taking a business jet also offers the convenience and time savings of arriving at the airport mere minutes before takeoff. In many cases, the private jet takes off from a noncommercial airport called a fixed-base operator, which has no security lines to navigate. Though you will likely still need to go through a brief security check right before boarding, you'll skip the long lines and intensive screenings associated with commercial plane travel. You can leave your shoes and belt on, keep your laptop in its bag and carry on the liquid toiletries you need.

Flying in a corporate jet saves additional time by eliminating layovers. Many routes, especially to destinations in smaller cities, require business travelers to take multiple flights and transit through an intermediate airport. Taking a corporate private jet allows passengers the convenience and efficiency of remaining on the same aircraft for the entire trip. 

2. Money Savings

Initially, you might not assume chartering a private jet could save you money on flight costs. Still, it sometimes can, especially compared with buying a private jet for yourself. With a private charter, you often take advantage of discounted rates when you book trips a specific period in advance, or you can use membership programs to earn miles and redeem them for rewards. Unlike commercial flights, corporate jet companies also tend to offer highly flexible scheduling, so you won't lose the cost of your flight if your plans change unexpectedly. 

Using a corporate jet can also help you save money if several travelers plan to go on the flight. With commercial bookings, a company would need to purchase a separate, full-price ticket for every business traveler. In contrast, taking a corporate private jet enables your company to pay a single hourly rate for as many travelers as the jet can safely accommodate. A small per-person surcharge may apply as well, though these fees add up to much less than the cost of a full commercial ticket. 

3. Privacy

On a commercial aircraft, passengers squeeze together into packed rows and tiny seats. Looking over sensitive documents, holding a private phone call or even reading the newspaper without your seatmate looking over your shoulder can be challenging.

Flying on a private jet addresses all these issues neatly. You'll have more comfortable and spacious seating, so you can look at sensitive work documents away from inquiring eyes. Plus, when you charter a private jet, you'll usually fly only with other passengers you choose to invite on the flight. At GrandView Aviation, we never combine two parties to maximize flight passengers, so you'll always have the convenience of flying with people you know and trust. 

Private jets are particularly convenient for travelers who wish to hold business meetings during the flight. Where commercial planes are loud and crowded, corporate jets offer the peaceful, private space you need. You can discuss sensitive work matters and know the information will stay safely within your inner circle.  

a business jet customer service team

4. Gourmet Cuisine

Almost everyone who has flown commercially knows the challenge of finding good-tasting, nutritious, affordably priced food while traveling. You may get a small package of peanuts or cookies on your flight, but it often leaves you hungry after you've eaten it. Your airline may offer no meals, or the food might taste like cardboard once you pull back the cellophane. In the airport terminal, you search fruitlessly through overpriced fare before settling on a tiny bag of chips and a Coke from the vending machine.

On the other hand, you can look forward to a delightful feast on a corporate jet. A business jet generally has a dedicated customer service team that can stock your favorite, high-quality snacks and beverages aboard your aircraft. You'll also get to experience curated catering with delicious prepared foods that make your meals in the sky taste a little more like home.  

5. Spacious Interiors

Most of us know the challenge of getting onto a commercial flight and immediately feeling boxed in. The overhead compartments might have so many suitcases stuffed in that you can't wedge yours alongside, no matter which way you turn it. Once you make it to your row, your knees bang the tray table, your seatmate hogs the armrest, the small child behind you kicks your seat and about 15 minutes in, the passenger in front of you reclines his seat back directly into your lap. 

On a private jet, you have much more room to spread out. The fully reclining leather seating is comfortable and spacious, and once you get safely airborne, you can often get up and move to a cozy couch-style seat. You can easily stow briefcases, golf clubs, bulky international luggage and anything else you might need for your travels.

5. Extra Perks

Corporate jets often come with a few extra amenities and options to sweeten the deal. At GrandView, we offer convenient, customer-focused perks like these.


  • Free Wi-Fi: When you fly with GrandView, you can connect to complimentary onboard Wi-Fi to work on business projects or chat with family and friends. 
  • Pet-friendly policies: When you fly with us, you can also bring Rover or Bella along to keep you company and minimize petsitter fees.
  • Enclosed lavatories: If you need to use the restroom on your flight, you'll know your plane has a comfortable, private facility with running water and flushing capabilities.

private charter flights from grandview aviation

Private Charter Flights From GrandView Aviation

The next time you need to travel for business, book a flight on a corporate jet in GrandView Aviation's Phenom 300 fleet.

At GrandView, we make safety and dependability our No. 1 priority. GrandView is a Part 135 FAA-Approved, Wyvern Wingman, Argus Gold and IS-BAO Stage I operator, and all our flights are dual-pilot operations for additional safety and peace of mind. Our luxurious cabins, convenient amenities and efficient, timely service also mean you'll quickly get where you need to go and have a good time on the way. 

Request a quote today, or contact us to learn more about corporate private jet charters. 



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