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Are Private Jets Safe?

are private jets safe

Whether you are looking to fly for business or a personal vacation, safety and security are paramount. As people return to the skies in the wake of COVID-19, chartering a private jet offers numerous health and safety benefits. In addition to adhering to rigorous safety protocols, private jets provide an additional layer of safety through fewer touchpoints and less exposure to potential viruses during the pandemic.
A smaller aircraft makes it easier to adapt flight paths and departure times without significantly affecting passengers' travel plans. Private jets also enjoy a more comprehensive array of smaller airports closer to your destination for increased travel flexibility and more affordable options. In the comparison between private jet safety vs. commercial, private jets offer significant advantages.

Fly Whatever the Weather

One considerable advantage of flying in a private jet is that it allows you more flexibility to work around weather conditions that typically disrupt commercial airline flights. While extreme weather conditions may run the risk of delaying any flight, a private jet will allow you to get above the weather and execute last-minute flight path changes to accommodate changing weather patterns.

Private jets also offer optimized agility and maneuverability to help avoid bad weather on the approach path, descend later and faster and keep out of turbulence for most of your journey. Here is a range of various inclement weather conditions private jets expertly handle.

Snow and Ice

Private jets are exceptionally efficient at coping with freezing temperatures and snowfall once they are in the air. Since private jets can use smaller airports, snow clearing and de-icing processes are faster and more efficient. There are also fewer aircraft and a much smaller taxiway area to keep clear of heavy snowfall. Privately chartered jets' agility also means flights can return to normal immediately, whereas airline schedules can often take days to recover.


Fog and poor visibility can cause flight delays for all aircraft. While fog is generally variable, a private jet can adapt to last-minute changes in flight plans during foggy weather. Unlike commercial flights, private jet pilots can quickly find gaps in the fog and redirect the flight route accordingly.


Due to their small size, high agility and superior performance, private jets can withstand high winds and turbulence with ease. While wind direction and speeds can affect flight times, private jets' faster climb rates allow them to cruise above any turbulence. GrandView Aviation pilots also undergo extensive training to take corrective actions in high winds.

Rain and Thunderstorms

Combined with heavy winds, rain poses extra challenges to flights. Fortunately, private jets are incredibly efficient at handling rain and thunderstorms. While at higher cruising speeds, airflow clears water from the windshield, and some private jets even have windscreen wipers to provide pilots with a clear view. Private jets' agility and efficiency can also allow the crew to take longer routes to navigate around storm cloud cells, thus avoiding the brunt of the weather's impact.

Fewer People on Board

are private jets safe

Private aircraft flyers significantly reduce passenger volume compared to commercial planes, which fly hundreds of people over several flights each day. With a smaller space to clean and fewer people regularly coming through, private jet charters can commit to a much more thorough hygiene program. The lower passenger volume of a private jet also takes far less of a toll on the plane's structural integrity, allowing it to fly far more safely than most commercial flights.
Private aircraft flyers can use exclusive terminals far from the congested commercial side of the airport. These fixed-base operative terminals oversee far less crowding due to the quick onboarding time of private flyers, which also helps reduce the number of germs spread among passengers compared to those in proximity. Passengers chartering a private jet have the benefit of avoiding long wait lines and have total control over who they fly with.

High-Quality Inspections

Are private jets safe? The answer is yes. In addition to extensive regular aircraft maintenance, private jets undergo rigorous safety and compliance testing. Third-party organizations specializing in safety perform independent inspections on private jets. The strict measures for evaluation require diligent attention to safety guidelines and updated practices.

As part of our commitment to the utmost safety for each of our chartered flights, GrandView Aviation is Part 135 certified and an ARGUS GoldWyvern Wingman and IS-BAO Stage I operator. GrandView Aviation also conducts all our flights as dual-pilot operations and carries over $150 million of liability insurance as a pledge to our customers' well-being.

Knowing the Crew

A competent crew can completely transform the quality of your trip, and chartering a private jet allows for a far more intimate and customized travel experience. When you charter with GrandView Aviation, you fly with a professionally vetted crew, and frequent flyers may even find themselves traveling with the same pilots and attendants who remember your flight preferences. Flying with a small team of friendly faces also increases your comfort and safety and is another significant advantage of choosing a private jet charter over commercial flights.

Fewer Stops

Due to their compact and efficient size, private jets can fly increasingly longer routes without stopping. These nonstop routings avoid the need for fuel stops that would extend the journey's duration and risk exposure to potential pathogens and germs. Private jets can also fly almost every current commercial airline route, but in a far shorter period.
While private jets allow for a quicker overall journey, they also provide a more controlled environment, reducing touchpoints when flying. Passengers also can board their aircraft directly from the safety of their vehicle and go straight to their destination.

Contact GrandView Aviation to Charter Your Flight

For a safe, reliable and memorable flight experience, consider chartering a private jet with GrandView Aviation. With bases in Baltimore, Atlanta, Scottsdale, Austin and Chicago, we provide our customers with nationwide access to departure points. Our fleet of Phenom 300s ensures our customers enjoy consistency with their aircraft and luxurious amenities each flight. 

As we prioritize your comfort, our personal and convenient chartering experience will help you reduce overall travel time and guarantee you one of the best standards in private jet charter safety. For stress-free booking for your next trip, contact us today and request a quote!

are private jets safe



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