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What Is It Like to Fly in a Private Jet?

What is it like to fly in a private jet

If you're considering chartering a private jet for your next vacation or business trip, you're probably wondering what the experience would be like and how it would compare to the travel arrangements you're used to. When you fly private, you can eliminate issues that often come up with commercial flights, and you can enjoy private jet services and perks that far exceed those you'll get even in first class. 

Amenities of Flying Private

Private jet amenities surpass those you can expect from commercial airlines. For example, when you fly on any of GrandView Aviation's Phenom 300 private jets, you can expect to enjoy:

  • A spacious cabin with room for up to eight passengers.
  • Ample luggage room.
  • Luxury furniture, including leather seats that swivel and fully recline.
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks along with the option for inflight catering.
  • Unlimited use of Wi-Fi and satellite phone service.
  • A fully enclosed private lavatory.

From the moment you step inside a private jet, you'll be met with luxury and comfort. Since private jet charters offer a lot more customization than commercial flights, you can also request certain amenities that may not be standard. 

fly on a private jet

How Does Flying Private Compare to Flying First-Class?

First-class air travel used to be considered the height of luxury, but as commercial jets and pricing structures have evolved, first-class has been completely done away with in some instances and reduced in many others to the point that it's barely distinguishable from business or even economy class. 

Flying first-class and business-class still have their perks over economy seating. You can expect more privacy, more comfortable seats and some extra amenities. Still, these perks fall short of what you get on a private jet. 

Especially as many have reevaluated their options for flying in the wake of the global pandemic, more travelers are exploring private jet travel. Where commercial air travel falls short, private jet transport excels. With public health concerns on the rise, commercial air travel presents even more complications and inconveniences than before, and private travel is a welcome alternative. Even as commercial air travel returns to normal, however, flying private will remain a superior option for many. 

When you fly in a private jet, you can enjoy more:

  • Privacy: When you fly on one of our charter jets, you can rest assured you won't be flying with any strangers. Instead, you can bring your personal guests or business colleagues along or enjoy some solitude if you're flying alone. The privacy a private jet offers is valuable for business executives who need a break from being in the public eye, for anyone who wants to enjoy some uninterrupted relaxation or for those who need some focused work time on the way to their destination. 
  • Comfort: Private jets may be smaller than commercial aircraft, but the room inside a private jet will feel more spacious than the room you're afforded on a commercial jet — even when seated in business class or first class. Feel free to stretch your legs or even recline all the way back to nap peacefully in your plush leather seat. For private jet services, passenger comfort is second only to safety, so you can expect an enjoyable experience that's far more pleasant than the cramped quarters in most commercial jets. 
  • Flexibility: When you fly commercial, regardless of your travel class, you're limited to commercial airports and flight schedules. When you fly private, you can enjoy more flexibility. You can set the departure time to perfectly suit your needs. Plus, there are far more airports open for private jets than for commercial airlines, so you may be able to get closer to your exact location, either for departure or arrival. Overall, when you fly private, you can benefit from a level of control that you'll never get with a commercial flight. 
  • Efficiency: Private jets generally fly at the same speed as commercial jets, but they tend to get you to your destination more efficiently, which can make this method of travel more economical for some. Consider the many aspects of flying commercial that can add to your total travel time. When you fly private, you can skip long security lines and check-in procedures, as well as eliminate layovers and flight changes. In many cases, you can even fly in closer to your destination.
  • Personalization: The level of personalized service you get inside a private jet is unmatched. Instead of fitting into the atmosphere created for all passengers in a commercial aircraft, you get to enjoy an atmosphere that's customized for your needs and preferences. This personalization is one of the main distinctions that sets private flights apart from other methods of travel. 

What Can You Pack When You Fly Private?

If you're used to flying commercial, then you understand the process of figuring out what you can and cannot bring on the plane and possibly even the inconvenience of lost checked luggage. When you fly private, you don't have the same security regulations that limit what you can pack, and you can keep all your luggage with you on the plane. For example, you can even bring along:

  • Liquids: On commercial flights, you're limited to 3.4 ounces for any liquids you pack. On a private jet, you can bring along a bottle of your favorite champaign, full-sized bottles of beauty products or any other liquids you want.
  • Firearms: If you want to transport firearms, you can do that, too on a private jet. Just give your unloaded gun to the flight attendant to stow safely for the duration of the flight. 
  • Pets: Traveling with pets can be complicated on commercial flights, but private jets are pet-friendly. There's no need to treat your furry companion like cargo. Instead, they can fly right alongside you.

You can even pack heavier items like golf clubs, as long as you don't exceed the load capacity for your plane. Essentially, your only limitation for packing is what will fit into the plane. 

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Enjoy the Luxury of Flying Private With GrandView Aviation

When you fly with GrandView Aviation, you enjoy a travel experience that far surpasses what you'll get on a commercial flight, even when you're used to flying first-class. Luxury private jets earn that name by the way they deliver maximum comfort and convenience at every turn. 

If you're tired of commercial airline travel and you're ready for something new, you can request a quote from GrandView Aviation to book a private jet for your next trip. We are dedicated to delivering a private charter jet experience that will make you forget about flying commercially for domestic flights ever again. Come fly with us today! 



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