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Stanley Cup Final Private Flight

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Seeing the Stanley Cup Final live is a dream for hockey fans worldwide. If you have your heart set on seeing the best hockey in North America live this year, a private jet charter is the best way to arrive at the Stanley Cup Final in comfort and style. 

Because of the playoffs' structure, booking commercial flights to the Stanley Cup Final can be a challenge. Private chartered flights are an on-demand option that suits the format of this prestigious event. Whether you plan to travel solo or with friends and family, you'll arrive feeling refreshed and ready for the game. 

About the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. From humble beginnings as a challenge trophy in 1893, this massive trophy has become the most coveted prize in professional hockey. 

At 35 ¼ inches high and 34 ½ pounds, this silver and nickel-iron cup marks the culmination of the professional hockey season. Each year, teams throughout the National Hockey League (NHL) vie to make it to the final round of playoffs in the quest for ultimate glory. After the winning team receives the trophy, they embark on a traditional 24 hours with the Cup. 

The 2023 Stanley Cup Final

The Stanley Cup playoffs are a bracketed four-round best-of-seven series that begins after the NHL's regular season. The winners of the Eastern and Western conferences face each other in the Final. The team with the better regular-season record hosts the games at their home rink.

While this format is thrilling for spectators, it makes booking flights to the Stanley Cup Final in advance a challenge. Since no one knows who the finalists will be, no one knows the match location until after the Conference Final. As soon as people find out, they must book flights and accommodation.

The playoffs begin on April 17, so avid hockey fans will be watching and hoping to make the correct predictions. You'll likely want to book your flights for the 2023 Stanley Cup Final between June 8 and 18. 

The Benefits of Flying Private to the Stanley Cup

With the challenge of booking Stanley Cup Final flights, an on-demand private jet charter could be what you're looking for. A Stanley Cup private chartered flight gives you several benefits, including the following:

Effortless Travel

Last-minute flights can be stressful and inconvenient. Heading to an event like the Stanley Cup Final is exhilarating — you want to enjoy every moment of the experience. Flying private lets you set your ideal departure time without worrying about delays. You can fly directly to your destination, even if you've just discovered where that is. 

A Personalized Experience

You have complete control over your experience on a private jet. You can select a specific meal in honor of your trip, and you and your guests will have onboard staff to see to your needs for the duration of the flight. Speak to your private charter operator about how to customize your trip. 

Privacy and Comfort

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A private jet charter elevates your Stanley Cup Final experience. You'll only be on board with the guest list of your choice, free to relax and enjoy yourself with your chosen company. 

The Embraer Phenom 300 has a fully enclosed private lavatory so you can freshen up before your arrival, even on a short flight. Your seating is comfortable and spacious, with seats that swivel and recline for superior comfort. You'll enjoy an atmosphere of luxury and style befitting a journey to the most prestigious hockey championship in the world. 

Fewer Regulations

Airport security and baggage check-ins for commercial flights can slow you down. When you book a private jet, you can avoid long queues and board the plane when you're ready to fly. 

You also won't have to contend with the stringent luggage regulations you may be familiar with from commercial flights. Since those regulations don't apply to a private jet, you can pack things that may not be allowed on a commercial aircraft. For example, you might bring your hockey equipment or a special bottle of wine to commemorate the Stanley Cup Final. 

With fewer regulations to contend with across the board, you'll have a more convenient travel experience so that you can focus on the game. 

In-Flight Flexibility

Once you board your flight, you can choose to spend your time in the air however you like. If you need to take care of business while you travel, you can use fast, unlimited Wi-Fi or have a quick meeting on your way over. 

If you prefer to relax before the game, you're welcome to do so. You can choose music or a movie — no headphones needed — enjoy a catered meal or sip your favorite beverage.

FAQs About Flying Private to the Stanley Cup

Flying to the Stanley Cup Final is an incredible experience. The less stress you have to deal with to get there, the better. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to make your arrangements that much smoother:

How Far in Advance Should I Plan?

As mentioned above, preparing for the Stanley Cup Final in advance isn't easy. However, it's a massive event, so it's best to book as soon as you know the destination. 

Private jet charters specialize in on-demand flying, perfect for a short-notice venue announcement. Just tell them when you want to leave and where you want to go. You'll receive a flat-rate quote and you can be in the air in a matter of hours. 

What Is it Like to Fly Private?

Flying private is the perfect way to elevate your experience. You can enjoy more than just anticipation of the game ahead with the luxury of a private jet. 

The cabin is perfect for a luxury experience. You'll have unlimited free Wi-Fi, spacious and beautiful interiors, gourmet cuisine can be pre-ordered and a satellite phone to sort out your arrangements on the ground. 

You'll also enjoy world-class safety and the convenience of having ample storage for your luggage. You can even bring along your pets in the cabin if they're hockey fans too. 

Where Should I Fly?

GrandView Aviation offers private jet charters from locations across the United States. Wherever you need to go, we will find a convenient airport close to your final destination. 

Book a Stanley Cup Private Jet Charter With GrandView Aviation

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Attending the playoffs is a thrilling way to end the hockey season, and it's even more exciting when you book a private charter jet. GrandView Aviation has a fleet of Embraer Phenom 300s perfect for getting you to the ice in style. When you're ready to book your Stanley Cup Final flight, consider GrandView Aviation for safe, reliable and transparent flights. 

GrandView Aviation will fly you and your guests directly to your destination while you enjoy the effortless luxury and convenience of flying private. Contact us today to request a quote on your Stanley Cup Final flights. 



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