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The Rise of Short-Notice Flights

short notice flights

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how people travel. Long delays, border closures and flying amid severe health concerns are only a few of COVID's impacts on booking flights. Over the past three years, travelers have become all too familiar with these disruptions. Some pandemic travel trends are here to stay, including short-notice flights and frequent flyers championing the benefits of private jets. 

Booking flights on short notice has become a popular method of air travel, and many private jet charter operators provide this option, allowing travelers more flexibility when choosing a travel date. Short-notice flights may be the new normal for travelers, as they make the best time and have other significant benefits. 

What Is a Short-Notice Flight?

The uncertainty of pandemic travel has left some people unwilling to reserve flights and hotels months in advance. There are many advantages of keeping your plans more open-ended, and having that flexibility is one positive pandemic outcome. People often book short-notice flights within one or two weeks of their departure.  

Cost savings is a primary reason to book early, as short-notice travel has traditionally come with a significant price increase. Private jet charters changed the game by reducing costs and making short-notice travel a more affordable, accessible option. 

There is a notable difference between short-notice and last-minute flights. Last-minute private jet charter flights can be airborne in hours, making them the perfect choice for business and personal emergencies or a desire to set an immediate travel date and get away for a little while. 

You can book a private jet without waiting for cancellations or paying hefty prices, making it the ideal choice for last-minute or short-notice flyers. Customer-focused charter operators such as GrandView Aviation offer on-demand services so you can fly whenever you're ready. 

Why Last-Minute and Short-Notice Flights Are So Popular

You may need an immediate flight for various reasons, from commercial airline strikes and flight cancellations to business emergencies. Last-minute and short-notice private jets offer the flexibility to get where you need to go without booking months in advance. 

Regardless of your travel reasons, a last-minute flight allows you freedom and flexibility. Some of the reasons for last-minute and short-notice flight popularity include the following.

For Business

Private jet travel has been a top choice for business travelers for years, primarily due to its convenience. Some of the many reasons short-notice flights are sought-after for business travel include the following.

  • Saving time: Time is one of your most valuable commodities, and booking flights in advance is not always possible. If you need to get somewhere quickly, you can reserve a seat on a last-minute flight and drive up to your private charter, allowing you to focus on your work responsibilities. 
  • Managing crises: Last-minute and short-notice flights are sometimes the only way to handle business crises. You can save time reaching your destination and continue working in the air, which is beneficial in an emergency that requires your undivided attention to detail.
  • Attending unexpected meetings: You can only reserve a flight in advance for a meeting you've arranged. On-demand flights are the best way to ensure you make it to unexpected pop-up appointments with current and potential clients. 
  • Meeting business schedules: Private charter jets allow you to keep your schedule, meet demands and avoid expensive delays. 

For personal needs

For Personal Needs

Individual travelers also love the convenience of short-notice and last-minute flights. They provide flexibility to travel when you want to, and travel bookings or commercial airline cancellations do not tie you down. 

  • Enjoying last-minute holidays: Many people are hesitant to make vacation reservations far in advance. Instead, you can enjoy peace of mind by knowing you can choose your travel dates and times exactly when it suits you. 
  • Staying safe: Private, last-minute charters provide less risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 and other illnesses.
  • Using membership programs: Some private jet charter operators offer membership programs with significant rewards, such as savings on flights, booking flexibility or free catering. You can use the miles you earn as part of your membership to reserve last-minute flights, which saves you money. 
  • Avoiding airline cancellations: Airline cancellations have been one of several ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Booking last-minute or short-notice flights can decrease the risk of travel disappointment. 

For Emergencies

Handling long lines and flight delays is stressful and time-consuming in a business or personal emergency. Last-minute private jet flights are an excellent way to maximize your time and quickly handle unforeseen events. 

Medical emergencies like organ transplants are incredibly time-sensitive and require the safest and most reliable flights. Medical professionals choose private jet charters to transport this precious cargo to minimize time-based risks. 

How to Find Short-Notice Private Chartered Flights

If you're looking for a short-notice private charter flight, you need a reliable, safe and transparent charter operator to help you. Check out GrandView Aviation's empty legs — passengerless private charter flights traveling from one airport to another — and see if there is a last-minute option to fly. You can book your flight on our website or contact one of our professional charter operators to discuss your options. 

If no empty-legs options are available for your destination, private charter operators like GrandView Aviation offer on-demand flying. All you need to do is provide information about where and when you want to fly, and we'll get you to your destination as fast as possible. You can enjoy the many benefits of flying privately without waiting to travel. 

You can join our private jet membership program to stay abreast of last-minute and short-notice flight information. With GrandView Aviation, you’ll enjoy a last-minute cancellation policy where you can use your cancellation fees to credit future flights, which is ideal for anyone with a demanding schedule. 

short notice

Fly at Short Notice With GrandView Aviation

With short-notice and last-minute flights rising in popularity, travelers have more options to suit their needs. GrandView Aviation can help you get there with minimal delays, regardless of where you want to fly. With on-demand flights across the United States, you can fly discreetly and securely whenever necessary. 

Our fleet of Wyvern-wingman safety-rated Phenom 300s has a 15-year accident-free award, so you can rest assured you're in capable hands. If you would like to learn more about how to save time and fly on short notice, you can request a quote, so we can get you traveling without delay. 



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