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Fly First Class or Charter a Private Jet?

man in a suit inside a private jet

When you are preparing to book a flight and want a more luxurious flight experience, you have two choices. You can either book a ticket for first class on a commercial flight, or you can book a private jet charter. While both will give you an upgraded experience, only one will give you a truly luxurious experience. Here’s a closer look at why a private jet charter is an ideal choice.

Private Jets Are Better for Groups

When you fly first class, you pay for your seat. What happens if you are traveling with eight other people? They all must also pay for a seat. When you rent a private charter, you pay for the trip. This means you can take as many people as you wish, up to the capacity of the aircraft, for the same investment.

Better Amenities on Board Private Jets

Most travelers will choose first class because of the better food and more comfortable seating. On a private jet, you enjoy this and much more! A high-end private jet charter will include exceptional catered food, and champagne is always available when desired. If you have a special amenity you want that is not already included on the flight, it can often be added to make the experience exactly what you are wishing for from start to finish.

Flying into Smaller Airports

Because private charters are often smaller than large commercial aircraft, they have the ability to fly into smaller airports. This allows you to land at a location much closer to your final destination. This saves time because you will not spend much of your travel day driving to and from the airport. When time is of the essence, private jets make the most sense.

Working Around Your Schedule

When you rent a private jet, you have the ability to claim a more specific takeoff time. When flying first class, you must travel at the whim of the airline. With a private jet charter, you can leave early in the morning or late at night, weather permitting, of course, to better fit your needs.

Private Jet Charters

Though flying first class and flying in a private jet charter is luxurious, if you are looking for the most convenient and comfortable option, you want the private jet. The GrandView Aviation is here to assist with flights on demand in luxurious jets with top-level service.

If you have a trip coming and want the most customer-eccentric experience, trust GrandView Aviation. Give us a call at 800-609-8159 or contact us online to schedule your private jet charter.



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