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Fly First Class or Charter a Private Jet?

You have two choices when you are preparing to book a flight and want a more luxurious flight experience. You can either book a ticket for first class on a commercial flight, or you can book a private jet charter. While both 

Flying First Class

If you’re flying on commercial airlines, the first-class experience is more luxurious and less stressful than economy seating. You can look forward to perks and luxuries to make your travels more enjoyable, and you can relax a little more while you wait to board. 

A first-class ticket takes you to the same destination as an economy ticket. You’re restricted to larger airports, which may mean additional travel time by car to reach your final destination. You’re still subject to the same security checks and must arrive hours before your flight takes off. You may have to deal with crowds, delays and layovers, just as you would if traveling in the economy section. Still, there are several benefits to flying first class, including:

Networking Opportunities

If you’re traveling for business, a first-class ticket could connect you with other businesspeople in your field, which could be a valuable networking opportunity. Though you could end up sitting next to a competitor, limiting your ability to conduct business on the flight. 

Privacy and Space

You often find first-class seats at the front of the plane, in a closed-off section. You will have private restrooms in your seating section. You’ll often have a dedicated cabin crew for a more personalized experience than in economy. 

Still, airline rules limit what you can bring on your flight. Airlines restrict additional baggage, and it costs more to bring overweight bags or additional baggage. You can only bring what the airline allows. There are sometimes no pets, golf clubs or additional liquids allowed. You will still have to share the cabin with strangers and deal with the noise and potential disruption. 

Priority Boarding and Seating

Traveling first class doesn’t preclude you from the airport lines and security checks. Still, it allows you priority boarding, so you don’t have to wait in line. You’ll also have an easier time getting through security, and once you’re on the plane, you’ll have space to stow your luggage without crowds of people around. 

Extra Perks

First-class passengers can expect more comfort during their flight, from wider seats to more leg room and a nice amenity kit. Some first-class sections have seats that recline horizontally, so you can get more sleep while you’re on board. You’ll also get a pillow and blanket and enjoy free food and possibly complimentary alcohol. 

The Drawbacks of Flying First Class vs. Private Jets

While first class is more comfortable than economy, you’re still limited in many ways by commercial airline rules. You must still abide by the airline’s schedule, which could cost you valuable time while you wait for the next available flight. 

The Benefits of Flying Private

Choosing to charter a private jet offers significant advantages, whether you’re flying for business or leisure. Perhaps most importantly, you have control over every part of your experience. You choose what you bring on your flight, when you want to leave and where to land. 

There are more benefits to private jet charters than avoiding the crowds and long waits of commercial flights. In short, flying private is an entirely different experience. From the time you choose to charter a private jet, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Improving Travel for Groups

When you fly first class, you pay for your seat. What happens if you are traveling with eight other people? They all must also pay for a seat. When you rent a private charter, you pay for the trip. This means you can take as many people as you wish, up to the capacity of the aircraft, for the same investment.

Customizing Your Amenities

Most travelers will choose first class because of the better food and more comfortable seating. On a private jet, you enjoy this and much more! A high-end private jet charter will include exceptional catered food, and champagne is always available when desired. If you have a special amenity you want that is not already included on the flight, your charter operator can often add it to make the experience exactly what you wished for from start to finish.

Flying into Smaller Airports

Because private charters are often smaller than large commercial aircraft, they have the ability to fly into smaller airports. This allows you to land at a location much closer to your final destination. This saves time because you will not spend much of your travel day driving to and from the airport. When time is of the essence, private jets make the most sense.

Working Around Your Schedule

When you charter a private jet, you have the ability to claim a more specific takeoff time. When flying first class, you must travel at the whim of the airline. With a private jet charter, you can leave early in the morning or late at night, weather permitting, of course, to better fit your needs.

Saving Time

When weighing flying on a private jet versus first class, flying privately is the best use of your time. From eliminating long airport waits and layovers to driving up to the plane when you board, you’ll start saving time. You set the schedule, so there’s no more waiting for the first available flight. Instead, you can fly on demand. 

You can also look forward to more freedom when you land. Private jets can land nationwide at thousands of small airports so you can get closer to your destination. The time you save adds up quickly when you eliminate crowds, lines and complex security checks. 

Choosing Who and What You Fly With

Regardless of why you’re traveling, you can fly discreetly and securely when you fly private. As you can drive straight to the plane before you board, you can avoid the chaos of aircraft terminals and choose your fellow passengers. 

If you are traveling for business, you and your associates can have private meetings in the air, saving time and ensuring you can discuss sensitive matters or make discreet phone calls without anyone overhearing you. You can work without interruptions, even with sensitive documents. 

You also have more freedom to bring what you need on a private jet. If it fits on the plane, you can bring it without restrictions. Most private jet charter operators are happy to make arrangements to accommodate large items, such as sports or music equipment. You can also bring that champagne you’ve been saving for a special occasion. 

Flying private also means you can have your pets in the cabin with you while you travel. They are right alongside you, enjoying the same luxuries as you. 

Staying Flexible and Predictable

Being flexible and predictable may sound impossible, but it’s all part of traveling on a private jet. If you have an emergency, you can easily make last-minute changes to your flight schedule. 

Private jet travel will get you where you need to be quickly. Traveling private means you don’t have to grapple with delays, layovers and flight cancelations. You can rely on a predictable schedule where your plane is there when needed. The flights fit into your schedule based on your needs, not the other way around. 

Eliminating Airport Stress

There’s so much happening in an airport that it’s easy to become stressed and flustered. Private jet flights turn travel into a relaxed and serene experience, where you can focus on something other than lines and crowds. There is no lost luggage, and there are no long lines or loud crowds. It’s just you and your fellow travelers making the most of your time on the ground and in the air. 

Book Your Private Jet Charter With GrandView Aviation

Though flying first class and flying in a private jet charter is luxurious, if you are looking for the most convenient and comfortable option, you want the private jet. GrandView Aviation is here to assist with flights on demand in luxurious jets with top-level service. Our fleet of Phenom 300s has seating for up to eight passengers, room for your baggage and unlimited free Wi-Fi to keep you entertained and comfortable. 

GrandView Aviation’s safe, reliable, transparent and on-demand flights are ideal for discreet and secure flying. If you have a trip coming and want the most customer-eccentric experience, trust GrandView Aviation. Please contact us online to schedule your private jet charter or request a quote today, and start planning your comfortable and convenient flight. 

If you have a trip coming and want the most customer-eccentric experience, trust GrandView Aviation. Give us a call at 800-609-8159 or contact us online to schedule your private jet charter.



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